internal contradictions

Formy zine, I will talk about the that theUnited States of America faced after the world war two. Bydefinition, an internal contradiction in context to the USA iswhereby we have a combination of statements or ideas that are opposedto each other. Therefore, my theme will be Quest for world peace anddominance. This is because after the world war two the USA had toestablish itself as a leader to other countries so as to lead theeconomic prosperity and world peace and avoid scenarios where we hadanother world war three. The that occurredwere so many, not everyone in the USA did support ideas that werebrought up. Therefore, this led to contradictions that occurredfrequently. I will start by giving a clear explanation of thecontradictions that occurred during the era in the year 1945-1979.

Questfor world peace and dominance

In1945 after the World War 2, the United States of America became asuper power. This meant that it was the most powerful country in theworld. The reason for this was because most of the countries in thewestern side had suffered greatly due to the world war. Mostcountries emerged to be economically unstable and needed economicsupport from countries like the USA, therefore this was the momentthat the USA saw the need to help such countries in the western sidee.g. countries in Europe to be able to be economically stable. Such amove would later bring controversies between leaders in the USA(Kegley,2012-2013 Edition).One controversy was that to have dominance in all countries we needto help them grow economically, but other parties would say thatthere was no need to do so because the USA had also been affected bythe world war. Therefore, such issue would bring internalcontradictions. After the world war, USA started to grow economicallybut their social disputes that were occurring. Such disputes wereequal rights among the citizens in the USA. There was a high rate ofracism whereby most people who are black did not enjoy the samerights as the natives who were the Americans. Racism was therebecause the white people did not believe that they were equal as theblack people. The internal contradiction here came about when theoppressed people started to fight for their rights. This to theAmerican natives was not logic because the black people were broughtto work as slaves. The black people did not enjoy services like goingto school or access to better health care just to mention a few. Amajority did not like the idea of the black people having the samerights as the white people. Denying the black people equal rightswould mean that the USA will not be able to achieve world peace. Mostcountries in the 3rd world are in Africa and majority of the slavescame from Africa. This begged the question of if America didn’tappreciate the black people how is going to achieve neo-colonialism.Neo-colonialism was a form of indirect colonization which meant thatthe USA would help to finance the colonized countries. The USA sawthe need to decolonize these countries so as to get raw materials andin return they would invest there (Adams,et al. 1994).This made most countries that were colonized be decolonized and formtheir governments. Therefore, this saw the need for America to giveequal rights to the black people so as to be able to achieve its goalof world dominance. The cold war was another dispute that broughtabout in the USA this is because after theworld war two there was mass production of nuclear weapons in bothUSSR and the USA. This resulted to a lot of tension in Americabecause of the possibility of a world war 3. The cold war involvedUSA and USSR to try and make other countries adopt their policiessuch as capitalism and communism. Other situations were when USA andUSSR would support some countries in the war, for example, theVietnam War. The cold war, therefore, made the USA have internalcontradictions that were about whether to support the cold war or notinvolving itself in the cold war. This brought about the tension thatat any time world war three would happen. Eventually, the cold warended after USSR separated to form other countries (Kegley,2012-2013 Edition).

Thequest for world peace and dominance was not fully achieved up to now.In that period, we find that even though their quest was fordominance and peace trying to dominate the world brought about warand a possibility of world war 3. Involving itself in the Vietnam Warwould harm its cause to have peace in the world. The USA remains as asuper power country. In helping to achieve world peace USA has beeninvolved in making treaties. Such treaties include making the worlda nuclear free weapon world. This has reduced the possibility ofanother world war.


Fromthe above findings, we see that are importantin a society or country and also they can harm a countries objective.It is also evident that to achieve world peace is an impossible featbecause for every action there must have its consequences.Consequences that are caused because of thatcan occur between government officials. The contradictions should notbe a stumbling block for us to achieve certain goals.


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