Integrated Marketing Major

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IntegratedMarketing Major

Oneof the key objectives that I have ever held on since my childhood isthe dream of becoming an expert in the field of Marketing. My reasonfor applying for an M.S in Integrated Marketing from the New YorkUniversity is to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills todevelop a career in Marketing and supply chain management. I amenthusiastic when it comes to the aspects of investing. The programwill help me in learning how a business markets its products, throughdifferent marketing strategies etc. by managing the supply chaineffectively to guarantee the success of my investments. During mysecond school life, I have many a times managed to convince myfriends to buy a certain product, an aspect that was noted by myteachers, and in turn taking the nickname ‘Marketer’. The greattaste and ability to convince people to use certain products provesmy talent that can be utilized properly by a marketing job.

Thedegree also presents numerous opportunities for personal growth. Thewide range of supply chain manager roles in different market sectorsmakes it a flexible career and interesting career. Graduating with amajor in supply chain management will help me to develop crediblesupply chain strategies, policies, and procedures that improve theoperational effectiveness of my investments. The program will alsohelp me to understand the local and international marketing industryand teach me how to be an exceptional supply chain manager thusgiving me the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

TheM.S. in Integrated Marketing from the New York University is rightfor me academically as it builds on my existing knowledge that Iacquired during my undergraduate degree. The graduate program,therefore, presents a unique opportunity for growth to the manageriallevel in my career and also allows me to utilize my leadership skillsand talents which in turn bring personal satisfaction.Professionally, the program equips me with the relevant knowledge andskills needed to deliver high-quality work. It enables me to manageeffectively and efficiently the supply chains so as to improveoperational efficiency in the places that I will work.

Iwill contribute to the program as a student by adding to its body ofknowledge through research projects. In addition to improvedknowledge, the research project will also promote the discovery ofnew evidence-based practices, promote understanding of the emergingtrends in the industry and solve existing problems. My research willalso promote innovation and top notch thinking in the field promotingthe discovery of new and better ways to manage supply chains. Therecommendations provided will in the research will help in thedevising of policies that better the industry.

Aftergraduating, I seek to contribute towards the program by mentoringother students pursuing the same degree. I also plan to return toChina and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the futuredevelopment of my country. China is known to be a big commercialmarket with many companies relocating their manufacturing there tolower the cost of production. The expertise acquired in the programwould help me to assist such companies to manage their supplies,reduce operating costs, promote efficiency and yield more profits. Asa result, the economy would grow, leading to better lifestyles.Therefore, the program will be of great help in improving the future.

Inconclusion, the desire to use my talent as a salesperson to reach toreach my maximum potential drives me to apply for an M.S inIntegrated Marketing degree at New York University. The pastknowledge gained from my undergraduate will help me to understand theconcepts in the graduate program better helping me to improve myknowledge and skills. The graduate program will also make me a betterinvestor and help my country’s huge commercial markets in managingtheir supply chains effectively.