Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment Specification

IntegratedMarketing Communication Assignment Specification:

Asa new company focuses on new markets critical study areas, need to betaken care of for it’s this area that the company’s success willbe based on. The below study involves the county of Morris, which islocated in New Jersey.

Countyof Morris has a population of 499,727 that’s according to theestimated number of people in 2014. The census conducted in 2010 sawthe county to having a number 490,591 people. The figures show thatthe population for the last four years has only grown by a smallersignificant number of approximately nine thousand people. With mostbeing the locals composing of more than half of the population.

Thebusiness will be serving a population consisting of a majority ofpeople between the ages of eighteen and less than sixty-five yearscomprising 65.1% of the total population in the county. Theeducational levels in Morris County are tremendously high with 87.1%of the adult population having completed secondary and higher and45.9% having a degree and above. The ratio of men to women is 1:1 and40.2% being married or being in a marital relationship. The higherpopulation lives above the poverty line with the percentage thatlives below the poverty line being 12.2%. The working age starts fromsixteen years and above, which also comprises the bracket that hasthe majority of the population. This would be the targeted groupsince it comprises of people who are willing to try new things andlike exploring a lot. The bracket being the income earning one thenthe business under true leadership can blend well in the town. (Gillette,)

Themost common strategy that the new business can use is by coming upwith an advertisement that captures the eye. The population beingtargeted includes people who are active, they like new things andlike experimenting hence the business should find a way ofdifferentiating their products. Since the population being targetedhas the will and ability to purchase, the prices of the productshould be set much higher, and the method of production should be thelatest one. Know the target customer, their preferences and tastes,in this case, the targeted group most mind about their health andtheir dressing hence the products should be health efficient andthings like clothing’s should be classic.(Maddox,307)

Tocapture the targeted group, the most common mode of having aneffective advertisement is as follows. The advertisement should benoticeable, in that whenever its being in play it will capture theeye of the targeted group this is achieved by making the advertinteresting. The advertisement should be understood it should not bebogus and lack meaning at all. It should stimulate action, wheneverit’s on play it sets the mood of the viewer just to go and buy theproduct even if they don’t want it at that particular moment. Itshould achieve an outcome, like making the product make significantsales from the local stores. The advertisement should explain what’sdifferent about the product and other substitute products use yourcustomer’s language, it’s easy to be understood by them and willbe addressing the customer directly. The advertisement should bespecific and list the price of the product or service. (Maddox, 314)

Characteristicsof a successful publication are it should be memorable, has activetargeting, entertaining and grabs attention. If the advert attainsthese qualities, then it’s easy for the customer to remember theproduct and purchase it at the stores without being reminded.(Maddox, 315)


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