Individuals working with nonprofit organizations primarily serve


Individualsworking with nonprofit organizations primarily serve voluntarily asthey drive by the passion to reach out to the society. According toMetcalfet al., (2012)it is thus vital for them to evaluate their personal values essentialin aiding them capitalize on their service. This essay offers insightinto personal values I deem most fundamental in blending into thenonprofit world.

Compassionis paramount in the nonprofit world. This is because employees taskmainly with reaching out to the society in service. One thus has tohave a compassionate heart and mind that will aid them only offertheir services to the society without expecting much in return.Individuals working with nonprofit organizations are geared by theurge to serve and reach out to the less privileged hence have to becompassionate in what they do irrespective of the returns they getfrom the work they do. Their expectations should primarily be thesatisfaction they get from serving others but nothing in monetaryvalue.

Honestyand integrity are key values in the nonprofit world. This mostly isessential in the disbursement of funds meant for service. Individualsworking in the nonprofit sector should be free of greed and ensurethat all money in their hands reaches those who need it and used forthe work intended. Employees working with nonprofit organizationsthus should be people of high integrity who can be trusted to ensureall resources utilize in the appropriate manner.

Competenceis another vital personal value essential in the nonprofit world asperfection is paramount. Employees hence must capitalize on theircompetence to ensure that their work is thorough and perfect and toavoid defaming the organizations and lowering their credibility.


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