Individual Project Day 4


Individual Project

Day 4

A splendid breakfast is served at 7am and at 8am the sixt van isready to drive the group to Kanchanaburi (Lane, 1995). The journey toKanchanaburi takes two hours. The major tourist attraction here isthe famous bridge over the River Kwai (Boulle, 1954) found alongsidethe World War II museum whose mysterious bizarreness andexaggerations has attracted many. There is also a death railway whichsignifies the deaths during the World War II (Bilcock, 1988). Themuseum guide will direct the tourists to the river Kwai’s amazingbridge where they take the amazing photographs of Kwai River and thebridge. At 11am, the tourists will proceed to the garage-likeante-room where various unique ancient artifacts are displayed (Lane,1995). They will also observe and take photographs of buffalo skullsmounted on the walls. By help of a train ride, the tourists will betaken across the POW’s Wang Pho Viaduct which is an attractivestructure made of wood. This is the section of the death Railway inwhich they will be able to have a clear view of River Kwai. At thispoint they will take a few photographs of the river after which theywill be guided to Clayton South Thai restaurant for lunch at 1pm(Granat, 1987) and (Musgrave, 2000). After a one hour rest in thecool serene of Kanchanaburi, they will get into the tourist van anddepart for Bangkok.










Day 4

B-Kama Bangkok

Clayton South Thai restaurant

8am from Kama Bangkok to 10am visitor centre at Kanchanaburi

Taking photographs of the bridge over River Kwai, observing buffalo skulls and artefacts, taking a ride across Wang Pho Viaduct

Clayton South Thai restaurant

Sixt Car Rental services

Buffalo skulls, artefacts, Death railway, Wang Pho Viaduct, bridge over River Kwai.

By Daniel Keneth

The picture shows the bridge over River Kwai. It links the death railway to Burma, a historic site in which thousands of people died (Asians and POWs) during its initial construction done by Japanese.


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