Impossible to Win

Impossibleto Win an Ideological War

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Itis an Ideological War

Ideologicalconflict refers the war of ideas where different groups supportdifferent ideas that cause conflict1.The battle majorly takes place in the hearts and minds of the peopleinvolved. The weapons include the use of Television programmes,magazine articles, blogs, official government papers, radiobroadcasts and the internet among others2.The groups or people involved aim at convincing others that theiridea is the best, and, therefore, it should be adopted. The essaywill discuss the impossibility of winning the ideological war aboutthe cold war.

Supportersof a certain ideology are convinced that they are right and that anyother opinion is wrong. However, this is not always the case.Proponents of a particular idea take it to heart and try to convincethe rest to adopt it due to certain belief that otherwise would givea negative implication. In the 1950s and 60s, there was a cold warbetween the conservatives and the liberals3.The liberals believed that the conservatives were so confined to thetraditions and that there was the need for the women to stretch theireconomic wings. To conservatives who had experienced the war and itseffects, the idea was a way of destroying the family setup that wasthe haven of peace.

It`shard to make others see things from your angle of view. To them, yourexperiences are entire history that is more theoretical thanpractical. Therefore, convincing them to adopt an opinion isimpossible as it requires a personal experience to take an idea byheart and mind. It is therefore due to this reason that it isimpossible to win an ideological war. Since each the groups believethey are right, adopting a different opinion is at an expense ofinner satisfaction.


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