Important thing so as to write successfully

Importantthing so as to write successfully

Fora writing to be termed as successful, an argument is a paramountfactor. It entails expressing a particular subject’s point of viewas well as supporting it with evidence. To begin with, an argument inwriting is the writing’s main idea also termed as the thesisstatement or claim. It is supposed to be backed up with evidencewhich is supporting the idea. In most of the college papers, theauthor is required to come up with a claim and make use of someevidence to support that claim (Gage 3). This is the main factorconsidered by the examiners or instructors when awarding points. Theevidence provided should be a mere of accumulations of details andfacts. In other words, the author tries to stake out a stand or aposition and then prove why his or her position is the best for everyreader to hold on.

Thewriter is supposed to ask himself or herself his/her exact point inthe paper before starting to write. The most effective step ofdeveloping a valid argument is first understanding the argumentationconcept. Once a paper or writing lacks a main point, it cannot arguefor anything. Development of the argument is not enough to make thewriting successful. However, expressing or supporting the claim isequally important as its development. This can be done in severalways. One of the ways is criticizing the material. This entailsapplying something else or simply explains the argument in adifferent manner (Gage 9). Evidence is very essential in making theargument clear and understandable. The evidence’s strength or theway it has been used has the potential of either making or breakingthe argument.

Thisimplies that the author must be very keen to make sure that theevidence provided is revealing the validity of the claim. Arguing insupport of the claim is essential. However, the best and mosteffective way of strengthening and revealing a deeper meaning of therespective issue or understanding the argument is through objectionsor counterarguments. This entails considering what someone who isagainst this claim might assert concerning the argument. This revealsthat the writer has thought all the things through and hence hasdisposed some reasons the readers might have towards differing withthe argument. This reveals the fact the writer has done his or herresearch well and understands it comprehensively (Gage 14).

Theabove discussion reveals the essentiality of an argument in a paper.Lack of an argument or claim or a thesis statement makes the entirepaper irrelevant. The examiners or instructors do not considernecessarily the good grammar used by the writer in a paper. However,the writer’s argument is the most significant factor the examinerconsiders. The examiner then analyzes whether the facts provided bythe writer as the evidence either supports or breaks argument. Ifthey are consistent with each other, the writing is considered tohave succeeded and hence liable to receive a good grade. It is henceevident that besides all other aspects which are put together todevelop a document, an argument is the most crucial of all (Gage 21).Facts which forms the evidence that supports this argument follows.The rest aspects should, therefore, come to support these factors butintegrally, an argument is the most important thing that makes asuccessful writing.


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