Importance of Voting

Importanceof Voting

Votingis the process in which a group or an electorate makes it decision orraises its opinion. The process is preceded by campaigns. Voting is ademocratic exercise and a human right. It is the method in which toppolitical leaders are selected in democratic societies. Voting givesthe society a chance to change the leadership. It is a process thatought to be acknowledged and practiced universally due to itsnumerous advantages (Evans6).

Votingis an important process since it allows the society realizedemocracy. Democracy is the best leadership for any society since itallows the society to participate in governing by selecting theirleaders. Voting is the ideal method in which democracy can beexercised since the leaders will have to first convince the societyof their capabilities and qualifications before getting into office.The voting process then determines the most preferred candidate(

Votingdoes not only help raise the opinions of the eligible people in thesociety but their dependents too. Because the children cannot vote,the adult citizens has to do it for them. That is how concernspertaining schools, housing, health, etc. that relate to our childrenare voiced. Voting enhances the future of the society at large(Brennan46).

Votingenables individuals in a society express their political opinions byvoting for the candidates they prefer most. Although not everyindividual’s vote is casted to the winning candidate, the winner isgenerally the most preferred candidate by the society. Every vote isimportant in any election, hence the importance for everybody to vote(Evans14).A good example on the importance for every individual to vote, is theelection of former American president George W Bush in 2000. In theFlorida recount, George Bush won the state of Florida by a slightmargin, a few hundred votes, making him the president-elect(

Votingkeeps voted individuals to their toes. It coerces the people who winelections to work hard so that they can retain their positions duringthe next voting process. Voting, as a key element to ideal democracy,has produced some of the best world leaders. This result has beenrealized due to the indebtedness that the elected leaders feel to theelectorate that took them to office. The leaders feel that they mustdeliver their promises to their society that looks up on them, and inorder to retain their elected positions. Voting gives the peoplecredibility before their leaders. Often, people raise their issues totheir leaders, but if the people were not the ones voting theseleaders, then the voice of the people would not be of great concern,if no concern, to the leaders (

Votingis a process that enhances equality in a society. In a democraticcountry, all citizens have possess similar voting rights. Everyindividual’s vote counts equally to any other vote regardless ofthe voter’s wealth, race, gender, or social class. Voting enablesthe poor and marginalized make political decisions equally to thewealthy, the higher class and the majority. Voting is an idealperfection of the freedom of expression (

Itis of great essence for every citizen to vote since the ones electedare meant to make tremendous impact in the society. Voting is notonly a right for the citizens but more of their duty since by votingthey participate in the betterment of their society.


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