How to Build a Company Global Mindset


Howto Build a Company Global Mindset

Havinga global mindset means that employees based at headquarters naturallyconsult with those from other parts of the world before embarking onmajor projects. Taking a comprehensive approach is the best way tocreate momentum and achieve results over time.

Subsidiaryemployees who have previously been primarily focused on serving theneeds of their local market must now go beyond this role and examinehow to build a global commonality. Every company employee, regardlessof location, needs to be able to address varying business conditionsin different areas and generate innovative solutions (Gupta&ampGovindarajan, 2002).

Oneway of achieving this is through Strategic planning. This takes intoaccount the levels of investment and hiring that are suitable basedupon local and regional opportunities rather than the head officestandard. It is easy to get it wrong when top decision-makers do nothave the complete knowledge of the realities in major growth markets(Gupta&amp Govindarajan 2002). Equally, strategic decisions such asbrand positioning and pricing priorities must be through a globalview taking into consideration the needs of customers in key markets.

Inaddition to the above, employers should experiment on approacheswhereby employees from different time zones meet and chat togetherwith visual and voice contact breaking the monotony of using emailand phone calls (Gupta&amp Govindarajan 2002). This has made itbetter at providing a forum for relationship-building and moreintimate communication between team members.

Culturaltraining programs can also have to improve the global mindset of acompany, accomplished by means such as enabling interaction throughphone or video conference, and direct engagement with colleagues fromother countries if possible. If possible, training should also bemulti-directional allowing t all sides of a work group to have ashared language for analyzing cultural similarities. Any one-on-oneleadership coaching that takes place should be aligned with thecultural training to incorporate global objectives and insights.


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