Hotel Administration Transferring From MSU to Cornel University Question 1

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HotelAdministration: Transferring From MSU to Cornel University


Oneof the major dreams of attending a university is to achieve one`sdesire of becoming what he/she dreams of in terms of careers. Thiswas has been and remains my desire. However, since I joined MSU Ihave heard different challenging factors which have prompted me tolook for a better option in terms of the institution as well as aschool where I will get the chance to continue with my dream major(hotel administration). One of the major reasons behind the transferfrom MSU to Cornell University is the fact there has been a culturalgap in my present university. Due to Cornell university-wide range ofstudents, and from different cultural backgrounds, it will offer me achance to interact with fellow students from china as I adapt to theAmerican culture and way of life. At the MSU, the number of Chinesestudents wasn’t that big, and in turn being foreign students it hasbeen a difficult time for me in the school.

Additionally,one of the major and vastly known majors in Cornell university is thehotel administration. This would in turn be an added advantage for meto get the knowledge from the best lectures, vast resources such asthe library. In addition, the university also offers the hoteladministration chances to work in the university hotel and in turn agood opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge. With hoteladministration being its most common courses, Cornell University hasthe best opportunity for students in this major, and in turn thedesire to join the university. My expectations in a higher learninginstitution are that I am challenged adequately as a student so thatI can meet my academic objectives, and this exactly what CornellUniversity offers. Finally, the Cornell University assists itsstudents in acquiring internship opportunities which has been one ofmy dreams before getting into the actual job world. This in turnwould help me not only in getting the relevant knowledge but also achance to work in one of the prominent hotels during the internship.


Hoteladministration has been my dream major and still remains my keymajor. With my desire to help people and work closely to makingpeople happy, hotel administration major remains my main focus inCornel University. With the focus being to become an influentialentrepreneur, and would like to start my own business in the next5-10 years, Cornell University offers me the opportunity to get theskills and knowledge that will be relevant in the hospitalityindustry. I am interested in finding innovative ways of managing thebusiness, managing people, tackling global problems and blazing newtrails.

Beinga renowned university in the region, and among foreign students, ithas been my dream to become part of Cornell University because of itsbroad educational background. I am looking to find and internship inthe next 2-3 years am looking to find a relevant hands-on experiencethat will be important in kick-starting my career at a high note. Iwould like to be part of a great team because the world is constantlyfluctuating and only people who can adapt to change and capable withworking with diverse populations.

Ithas been my focus to become a positive change in the world andespecially in the hotel industry. The Hotel Administration will helpme achieve this because Hotel administration understands bigbusinesses, small businesses and entrepreneurship along withimportant relationships between businesses and communities theyserve. Graduates from Cornell University have been known to beethically grounded, socially conscious, environmentally friendly andfinancially viable and have skills and experience to emerge asleaders in today’s business environment. Hotel Administrationstudents are not only taught the traditional business skills thatenable them to compete in the business world but are also given realworld experiences that provide essential training to become effectiveleaders and decision makers.

Themain reason why I would like to further academic Cornell Universityis because I am an aggressive person and would like to be in a morechallenging academic environment where I can be able to participatein symposiums and research in my field of interest. I would alsowelcome an opportunity to be in a competitive environment where I canmeet people with creative minds and be equally challenged. The reasonwhy I choose to transfer to Cornell to do my major is because Cornellhas a great deal of university culture that I believe will beinstrumental in making my stay in the university most interesting.The concept of community service interests me because institutionsthat give back to the society create a lasting impression in thecommunity. Organizations will be more willing to give you a job onthe basis of the brand the university has created in the market.

CornellUniversity has previously been known to produce exemplary leaders whodrive change and be able to compete favorably in the competitiveenvironment. The blend of management principles, real market issuesand trying to find practical solutions to the market driven issues isthe reason I am interested in doing the my major in CornellUniversity. I am also interested in sports. I play indoor games mostespecially table tennis. I like the sports culture of CornellUniversity will be helping me explore my sporting interests intoanother level where I can participate in the competitions.

Insummary, by changing to Cornell University, there would an increasedchance to achieve my dream of becoming a renowned hotelAdministrator. This is due to the institutions vast investment in theacademic and specifically the hotel related courses withadministration being one of them. By changing to Cornel Universityfrom MSU, I will have the chance to take control of my desires as ahotel administrator, ranging from knowledge acquired in school,internship, and to the actual working experience. Finally, with theinflux of foreign students in the university, it will give me achance to fell at home away from home. This in turn will help me inquickly settling in the country and focus on my studies.