Homework 5



Medicalethics is distinguished as a set of moral values that guide the wayvarious procedures are conducted in the realm of medicine. Medicalresearch is an inevitable procedure conducted in the field ofmedicine to test new drugs and vaccines before they are administeredto the general population. However, researchers neglect numerousethical considerations that ought to be followed to avoid exposingthe population to unnecessary harm. The process begins withlaboratory studies followed by testing of drugs on animals, whichguides further research. However, various ethical requirements shouldbe met before carrying out the research with human beings as thesubjects, and non-compliance lead to action being taken by the ethicscommittee. First, the research involving human subjects must bereviewed by an independent ethics committee before its approval thatis only granted when the researcher illustrates the purpose of theresearch, how it will be conducted and how the research willsafeguard the well-being of the participants. Additionally, theresearcher should justify scientifically the significance of theresearch and demonstrate its social value by showing how the societyat large will benefit from the research. Moreover, risks that arelikely to occur during the research should be elaborated as well asinformed consent from the human subjects who will be participatingthrough filling a consent form. Finally, confidentiality should bemaintained throughout the exercise and clear distribution of rolesbetween the researchers and the physicians to avoid conflicts (Snyder&amp Gauthier, 2008).

PersonalView on Medical Research based on Medical Theories

Accordingto the theory of consequentialism, actions should be judged by theresults that they produced and were applicable to the field ofmedical research since there are many processes that occur indetermining the effectiveness of a given drug. Initially, onlyscientific explanation helps in approving the research but the actualwork on the research subjects determines whether such drugs will beacquired. Moreover, the research should have a social value thusbenefiting the society that rhymes with the moral theories of thebest decision as that which benefits the majority people in thesociety. However, informed consent should be sought from the humansubjects hence, they should be treated as ends and not as a means.Their dignity should be upheld and should not be hurt during theprocess but rather should benefit equally from the actions that areundertaken during the research.


Snyder,J. E., &amp Gauthier, C. C. (2008). Evidence-basedmedical ethics: cases for practice-based learning.Totowa, N.J., Humana Press.