Historical Analysis of Robin

HistoricalAnalysis of Robin Hood (2010) Movie

Themovie Robin Hood (2010) presents an epic adventure of the Legend,Robin Hood. In the film Robin is an Archer in the army of the rulingking, King Richard the Lion-heart (Elliot 32). The army is fightingagainst the French, who are under the rule of Philip. When KingRichard is slain, the army goes back to England, but on their waythey meet Godfrey, an England royal guard, who has conspired withPhilip to assassinate Richard (Santas et al 462). Robin and hiscomrades decide to impersonate the dead soldiers to escape the ambushof the traitor. They manage to get back to their country, and John,the younger brother of Richard, takes over the crown after his deadbrother.

Johnis very ruthless and decides to have a tyrannical government. Heimposes harsh taxation on the poor people. Godfrey, who is sent tothe taxation mission, uses some French hooligans to stir unrest andcreate a loophole for the French invasion (Santas et al. 462). Robin,who had impersonated Loxley, returns the dead man`s sword to thefather. The blind Loxley`s dad, Sir Walter asks him to continueimpersonating the son to secure the family land. Robin eventuallypursues Marion, Loxley`s widow (Elliot 32). Robin also stands againstthe tyrannical rule of John as he minds the rights of the poor.Philip fails in his mission to divide England and surrenders toRobin. Threatened, King John decides to hunt Robin and his team, whoescape to Sherwood Forest with Nottingham Orphans.

Themovie has a historical setting of the medieval period in England.During the middle Ages, England was at war with the France betweenthe 14th and the 15th century. It is famously known as the hundredyears of war in some historical contexts (Alexander 14). The moviealso has historical figures like King Philip of France, and KingRichard and the brother John as well as their mother, Eleanor.

Thewar in the movie dates much earlier in the reign of the HistoricalKing Henry II, who later left the crown to his heir Richard. Richardfought the same battle and was seized by the France leaders in anunsuccessful attempt to protect the kingdom (Mattern 18). However, inthe movie, Richard is slain. At his death, the war still continuedduring the reign of King John. There are also historical events thatare cited in the movie that include the crusades and the signing ofthe Magna Carta (Levy 125). The fictional film gives its version ofthe historical figures as well as the historical events.

Duringthe war, King Richard had his army fighting the French army. The warhad resulted to low economy in the country since most people were inthe war instead of being in the country boosting the economy. In themovie, we see a varied difference between the monarchs who are verywealthy and the commoners who are destitute. The poor are stilleconomically strained by the regime of the day through high taxationto support the war (Mattern 18). The young historical King Phillip ofFrance is reflected in the movie as King Philip of France, who is outto divide England through conspiring with one of the royal guards(Santas et al 462). However, just like the historical failure of theFrance the king fails in his mission and his army surrenders toEngland.

Theculture of England in the medieval period is also captured in themovie. The women were not allowed to inherit the land in the medievalperiod. In the film, Marion cannot inherit the property from thefather to the late husband. Aware of this, Loxley`s blind father, SirWalter intends to have Robin continue impersonating the dead son sothat the government cannot take the land after his death (Elliot 32).Robin also pursues the widow so that together they can inherit theearth meant to be Loxley`s. The culture denotes the position of womenin a male chauvinistic society where men were expected to inherit theland and where there is no heir the government would take the land.

Historically,the Magna Carter was signed in 1215 by King John and the barons (Levy125). In the movie, it is signed, and Robin gets to know that hislate father was among the initiators as he fought for the rights ofthe poor. The crusades are also historical events that took place inthe medieval period. Robin complains that during the crusades thearmy kills the innocent women and the children. Just like the oldRobin Hood, he has a heart for the poor and the weak. It is due tohis feeling for the unfortunate that in the movie he escapes with theorphans of Nottingham.

Theinheritance of the crown is not accurately fitted to the history, butafter the death of King Richard 1 in 1199, King John the youngerbrother took over (Levy 125). Historically, Richard had no heir andJohn had to context with his nephew. This reflects the events thathappened in the historical context that relates to the movie,especially in regard to kingship. In the movie, the king dies anddoes not have the direct heir. As a result, the younger brothersucceeds him. The king took much of the time to recover the lost landand acquire money through revenues. In the movie, King John alsoimposes taxes on the citizens without minding their economic status(Elliot 32). He holds a tyrannical government that is out to oppressthe citizens.

Thefighting tools in the movie also date back to the period. Theyinclude swords, arrows, boiling oil and fire. The tools, consideringthat the film was produced in 2010 were old fashioned (Alexander 14).They reflect the weapons of the medieval period. The common soldiersare filthy just like in the movie where Robin and his team get backto their normal lifestyle encroached with poverty. Most people areliving in huts and are barely surviving because of the high povertylevels. The environment is also fitted to the historical period,especially in regard to the water masses. The Mock Castle is theCastle Chalus of the movie, and the battle is also filmed at thebeach that shows a real battlefield (Mattern 18). The region and theuse of Virginia waters relate the historical means of transport aswell as the battlefields. The use of horses also shows thetraditional means of transport.

Inconclusion, the movie accurately fits the medieval period. Thesetting, as well as the tools used, date back to the middle ages. Theuse of horses on the battlefield reflects the old knights in theirduties. The setting also fits at the time that it relates to. Themovie also uses historical events such as the Crusades and the MagnaCarta. The movie does not also leave aside the historical figuresthat include King Richard 1, his brother John, the mother, Eleanor aswell as the France king, King Phillip. The war in the movie alsocreates a mind-map and mindset of understanding the wars betweenFrance and England. This makes the movie not only an entertainingtool for learning, nut also a compelling story that helpsunderstanding of the history it relates to.


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