Hillary Clinton and Proposals for President of the USA

HillaryClinton and Proposals for President of the USA

HillaryClinton is one of the aspiring presidential candidates of the UnitedStates in 2016. She will be contesting for the seat using aDemocratic Party ticket. John Podesta, her campaign chairperson,made her intentions public after she sent a circular email topotential donors. Hillary is a veteran politician as she has playedactive political for many years. For example, she was the first ladyin the U.S during her husband’s presidency window. In 2008, shelost the presidential candidate seat to Barack Obama. Unlike her pastattempts, Hillary Clinton is a powerful presidential candidate withreasonable proposals and vast political experience America needs toovercome its economic and political stability.

Oneof the substantial proposals Hilary has recommended for enhancing thepolitical stability in the United States is the introduction oftougher gun control measures. The candidate promised to use herexecutive power as the president to ensure that it would be morechallenging for people to own a gun. Although she agreed she wouldcollaborate with the Congress to establish tougher gun control laws,she also hinted that she would use her presidential powers to ensurethat thorough background investigation is conducted on new applicantsto avoid giving weapons to psychos.Hillary addressed the issueafter the Oregon shootout that left over nine students dead. Sheproposed to revoke the constitutional protection gun manufacturersenjoy after their firearms are used to commit massacres. As such, thegun dealers will be held responsible for damages caused by theweapons they sell (Clinton).

Hilaryhas also promised to reduce tax for the middle class substantially. Apart of the target population includes the caregivers. Her new planwould let the families save about $6,000 on their expenses oncaregiving services. In a speech she delivered in Iowa, she promisedto invest $100 million for a decade for the caregivers (Clinton).According to the Clinton campaign, the candidate is dedicated toallowing substantial tax cuts on caregiving as it facilitates theseniors to maintain autonomy, stay in their residences and reduceexpenses as well as acquire the support they deserve. Clinton’sproposal contrasts with the recommendations of her Democratpresidential nomination rivals such as Vermont Senator (BernieSanders) and Maryland Governor (Martin O’Malley) who favors atleast 2.2% tax increase on the middle-income group to raise money forfinancing larger programs (Frizell).

Hilaryalso promised to introduce healthcare policies that wouldsubstantially decrease the heath care expenses. Her plans would buildon the Affordable Care Act the Obama administration established, butshe would focus on controlling exorbitant insurance premiums thatsome companies charge. Moreover, she promised to introduce policiesto cap the drug prices. She notes that many pharmaceutical companiessell their drug at extremely high prices so that they can generatehigh returns. Mrs. Clinton argues that the Obamacare cannot makehealth care affordable in the USA unless the drug manufacturers, aswell as the insurance companies, provide their clients withreasonable insurance premiums (Pear).

Fora long time, Hillary had opposed the same-sex marriages, including,the “Don’t ask and don’t tell” policy that her husbandconsented to law. In 2000, when campaigning for a Senate seat, sheclaimed that marriages were intended for a man and a woman as opposedto the same sex couple. Clinton changed sides of opposing the gaymarriages in 2013 after fighting the proposition for more than adecade (Sherman).

Inher run for the 2016 presidency, Hillary has proposed to ensure thehealth and retirement security for coal workers. In addition torevitalizing the coal industry, Hillary’s proposal recognizes thesacrifice made by the coal workers in terms of effort and riskingtheir health to run the United States economy (Kane). Specifically,she notes the energy transition process that is most likely to rendermost of the coal workers jobless. The need to transform the economyby use of cleaner sources of energy such as nuclear has a positiveimpact on health and the environment. Similar to other developedcountries, America has plans to reduce the use of coal as a source ofenergy. Consequently, upon her election, Hillary proposes for a 30billion dollar plan. The plan is to ensure that the coal miners arenot left behind and guaranteeing the continuation of their benefits.Her proposal also aims to make sure that the coal communities remainan engine for the US economic growth in the new century. The planshall also ensure economic diversification and job creation with thecoal community’s welfare in mind. Her proposal also commits tohonoring the promises made to the coal miners and the Americanworkers located in both the power plant and in transportation (Whatto Know About Hillary Clinton’s Economic Proposals).

Besides,Hillary’s proposal acknowledges that the reduction in the demandfor coal has further affected the income of coal companies, andconsequently, many have become bankrupt. Clinton’s proposal is tofight for the companies that have gone bankrupt to be able to use thebankruptcy proceedings to shirk health care and pension commitmentsmade to their employees that mostly suffer from job-related illnessessuch as lung cancer. She has promised to initiate a federal backstrop to ensure that coal retirees obtain their earned benefits. Theplan is to build on the bipartisan leadership of Senators such asManchin, Casey Capito, and Brown. She has promised to expand thevarious requisite protections required by any company retireeaffected by the bankruptcy of the coal market. Other proposalsinclude reforming the black lung benefits program. Specifically, shewill put efforts to ensure that Coal Company funded doctors andlawyers do not willfully misdiagnose patients nor withhold evidenceto deny medical care to sick miners (APlan to Raise American Incomes).

Moreover,Mrs. Clinton has made other offers such as to modernize The NorthAmerican infrastructure. The project entails the promise to augmentthe security and safety of the existing energy infrastructure.Consequently, she shall align the new infrastructure that is a resultof the implementation of the clean energy economy about to beimplemented by the United States (BallotPedia).

Finally,Hilary proposes to ensure safe and responsible production.Specifically, Hillary promises to ensure that fossil fuel productionmethods adopted are accountable and reliable. Besides, she shallensure that there is a fair deal for the taxpayers on the developmentof public lands (Whatto Know About Hillary Clinton’s Economic Proposals).


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