Hey, I hope you are doing well as you prepare to join me in pursuing your education here in Miami University in the US. I congratulate you in that many of us wish but could not get the cutoff points.

Hey,I hope you are doing well as you prepare to join me in pursuing youreducation here in Miami University in the US. I congratulate you inthat many of us wish but could not get the cutoff points.

Collegeis very different from high school back home the infrastructure isbig such that for a newbie it’s easy to get lost. For the firstweek of school upon admission, you should take a tour of the collegefirst this will be a part of making the compound familiar to you.You will get to know where your classes are, where the hostels areand other facilities that the college offers the recreationfacilities.

Incollege, the hostels or what is called the students residents, youwill have to be put up with a roommate, this is due to the greatnumber of students and they are having a minimum of residentialplaces. The way you can adjust to this is to be friendly and ifpossible get a roommate with whom you share the same course.

Incollege, unlike high school, time management is key in college.However, no one will be there to tell you where or what time yousupposed to go to lecture. You should know where the differentlectures are taking place and the time they will be going on. I wouldadvise you have a watch to keep track of time.

Incollege making decisions is vital this separates the best performingfrom the average student. Be keen on the type of decisions you aremaking for ones are key where they will involve you deciding whetherto go to the library or go out to have fun with friends. These aresome of the major decisions that you will be required to make.

Incollege, unlike high school, freedom is granted, you will be the onedeciding on whether you want to attend class or not. One of thebiggest freedoms in the US unlike back home is that you will not befollowed around to ensure that you do what`s expected of you.Whatever happens to you here in the US is all you’re doing. Youwill be responsible for yourself. Do not misuse the freedom for thecollege has rules and regulations that have to be followed and ifbroken you might get expelled or suspended.

Thecollege is filled with a lot of people from all over the world youwill meet these people in classrooms or during the college’sfestivities. Be friendly and avoid bad company just to be on the safeside. This means that there are different forms of adjustments thatyou will undergo. In the US, they greet people using their hands,which you will have to learn unlike ours where you bend.

Duringthe transition process from the China education to the US education,you will need to be disciplined in that you should know what’sright or wrong for you. Make decisions that are adding value to yourlife and your grades. Learn English for it’s the most used languagehere, if I were you, I would start practicing now.

Thesemester has been good I have been disciplined all through. What hashelped me is that am doing exactly what brought me here to do and amnot deviating from that anytime. I also have a timetable it helps inkeeping my day going and also love socializing which is why I havejoined some social clubs and school-based organizations like thescience club where we get to share ideas and experiences.

Lifecan be quite a challenge if spent alone but good if spent with peoplewho add value to it. Am looking forward to hearing from you again.Chao