Health Status in Pennslyvania


HealthStatus in Pennslyvania

Pennslyvaniahas been undergoing changes in the health sector since 2014 whenthere was introduction of new insurance reforms across the country.Coverage options and programs started implementation of new healthcare delivery system focusing on the insurance market place.According the United Health Care Foundation, there are health factsin Pennslyvania that one cannot ignore, they include the following

  1. In comparison with other states, the average ranking of Pennslyvania is at 28 according to a 2014 report by United Health Care Foundation in state population health.

  2. Pennslyvania records an above national average mortality rates caused by the Parkinson’s disease followed closely by heart diseases and cancer.

  3. Liver related diseases, HIV and alcohol related diseases are conversely on the lower national averages.

  4. Health care and health care access disparities vary by race/ ethinicity in Pennslyvania.

  5. Obesity in Pennslyvania is on the rise, currently at 30.2% making it the 20th highest adult obesity in the Nation

Myfocus was on the elderly individuals who never get to access thebasic health care they need. My grandmother is not in a position towalk and the fact that she’s not white. The nearest health carestation is two miles away ande the health care itself is veryexpensive and thus cannot afford it.

Theseare health issues that are apparent in our state, though measureshave started to be taken on the health care improvement it is stillnot available to the most vulnerable. The sources I have used arecredible and looking at them deeply will insight one with what ishappening on the ground. The process of implementing health reformsshould be fast-tracked to ensure that most of the past healthconcerns are addressed promptly to avoid more deaths.


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