Health Promotion and Research


Population health professionals work objectively to promote thewell-being of individuals in a given context. They engage differentmethod of health promotion to impart desirable health practices in acommunity. Health promotion and population health research haveseveral characteristics in common.

First, both work in a given context of individuals, communities orsocieties. Both work toward improving the health of the givenpopulation using a variety of methods. Health promotion engagesdifferent approaches to address varied problems in a given context.Population health research employs varied scientific to produce therequire knowledge to advise policy making.

Evidence-based practice is also a common feature in both healthpromotion and population health research. Since both inform policymaking, they rely on verified and tested practices. Population healthresearch idealizes by examining the effects of a practice beforerecommending it for use in a given population. Health promotionupholds the appropriateness of the methods used by subjecting them toevidence-based practice. Therefore, the recommendations made aretested and approved for use in a given population.

Health promotion is concerned with the change that comes aboutthrough capacity building. The community gets the capacity toimplement the practices independently without relying on healthpromotion professionals. It uses a common approach to the populationhealth research in that the research does not only concentrate onimplementing the interventions but also on the effects of theinterventions on the populations. The sustainability of theinterventions is a primary factor in the two disciplines.

Finally, the two approaches to improving the health of a givenpopulation uphold the participation of the involved parties. Capacitybuilding in health promotion cannot be practical by alienating thecommunity members. Population health research is community-based andit, therefore, relies on the input of the local population to achievethe desirable health effects.