Health Literacy and Patient Safety


HealthLiteracy and Patient Safety

Towhat extent is health literacy a problem in the community this wasthe question I asked myself after presenting the pamphlet to parents.The pamphlet was a resource to educate parents on miscommunicationand the impact it has on the patient it offered tips on thedefinition of health literacy, an example of a scenario where amedical case went wrong due to miscommunication. I explained to themthe importance of being health literate.

Inreturn, the parents were very positive about the teaching andcommented that the brochure had shed light on a very familiar topic.Some parents confessed to not understanding anything that the doctorsays. The respondents were middle age individuals of Latino origin. Igathered that most dropped out of school before reaching the 12thgrade.

Afterdiscussing the pamphlet, the parents’ and I went through aquestion-answer debate to find out whether they had comprehended whatI had taught them. Some parent proposed that the government shouldopen up a new community center for teaching a patient how tointerpret medical data. The process was successful apart from a fewhiccups such as pamphlet being too detailed thus needing moreclarification from me. In my next teaching, I will put this intoconsideration.