Health care





Thereare numerous changes that have taken place in the health careindustry. These emerging trends have has a direct impact on demand,cost and safety of health care services. Advancement in medicaltechnology that aids in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention ofdiseases has had huge impacts on the health care industry. Thesetechnologies have resulted into increased accuracy of medicalinterventions as well as patient and health personnel safety. Due toadvancement in medical technologies, diseases which had no cure orwere difficult to cure can be managed in medical facilities. Anotherimportant change in the health care is changes in the demographicwhich affect demand and supply of health care services. Like manypopulations in the world, the United States population is aging at arelatively fast rate. Aged individuals in the population have littlecontribution to the social security system since they are probablyretired and have more health problems. An aged population isassociated with increased incidences of terminal illnesses, and thusincreased demand for health care services. Another important trend inhealth care has been the emergence of more demanding and discerningpatients in the modern society. The unprecedented access toinformation, due to the internet and a more educated population hasresulted into more informed and diligent patients. This hasintroduced the issue of consumer power in the health care industry(Niles, 2014). My role in the evolving health care industry would beensuring that there is adequate staff in the health care system.Majority of the trends in the health care industry translates intoincreased demand for additional health care workers. My role would bebridging the staffing gap in the health care industry. I will bringinto the industry current knowledge and evidence based practices thatare based on emerging trends in health care.


Asa result of emerging trends in health care industry, there are somehealth care roles that have emerged and have significant impacts ondelivery of health care services. These roles include carecoordinators, clinical documentation specialists, health coaches,health care administrators and telecare heat care workers. Whilethese roles will have a positive impact on the delivery of healthcare services, they will require special training as well asregulation framework. Care coordinators may include advanced practicenurses who are responsible for patient management using evidencebased practices. Clinical documentation specialists are health careworkers with information and communication skills who are responsiblefor electronic documentation and analysis of patient information,diagnostic result, treatment history and insurance claims. Healthcoaches are trained health care workers who motivate and educate thepopulation of health behaviors and lifestyles. Administrators areindividuals in leadership positions that are directly responsible forpolicy and strategy formulation and implementation to improve theefficiency of health care facilities. Telecare are health careworkers trained to provide patient consultancy through telephone,email and other technology based interacting (Chisolm, 2008).


Basedon the video, not everybody can become a health worker. This isbecause of the huge responsibility and the demands of a health careprofession. However, due to the numerous changes that havecharacterized the modern health care system, there are severaladvantages of choosing a career in medical care. A medical career isthe most vibrant career in the modern American economy. However,there are specific qualities that are necessary for any individualinterested in a medical profession. If one loves helping others andmaking a difference in other people’s life, there are endlessopportunities in the medical profession.


Afterwatching the video, my personal goals in the health care industryhave changed significantly. My perspective on various aspects of thehealth care professional in general has also been influenced by thevideo. I have been able to appreciate what it takes to be a healthcare worker. Being a medical worker goes beyond attending lecturesand successfully completing assignments and test in the medical ornursing school. A medical worker should be able to balance his or herfeeling of empathy and responsibilities as a health care worker. Ahealth care worker should also have good problem solving skills,posses a strong sense of ethics and have the ability to work in amultidiscipline working teams.


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