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Themost remarkable listing is the one on the “increasesin Fentanyl drug confiscations and fentanyl-related overdosefatalities”(CDC, 2015). This listing gives succinct details relating to thenumber of death caused by the overdose of Fentanyl and how publichealth departments, medical examiners and coroners, and lawenforcement should respond to the rising use and effects of Fentanylin the United States.

Itis important for public health agencies to keep track on the use andFentanyl-related overdose deaths, in order to give the publicinformation on the adverse effects of using such drugs. Theinformation tracked by CDC and other agencies is also pivotal inhelping public health departments, law enforcers and health caregivers to respond appropriately to the issue. CDC and other agenciesexist to protect Americans from safety and health threats. Bytracking use of Fentanyl as a pain reliever, CDC is striving tofulfill its mandate to protect people and the country from dangeroushealth threats.

Epidemiologyhas played a huge role in helping raise the issues of Fentanyloverdose and number of fatalities thereof. Basics of epidemiologicresearch entail the evaluation of the prevalence of an event, and theidentification of the elements that are connected with this event. Itmakes it possible to establish the cause of the increasing use ofFentanyl, reasons for overdose and the resulting deaths. It makes itpossible for us to compare the prevalence of the overdose and deathsin different states and the ways through which various bodies canprevent mortality and respond to cases in different settings.

Theinformation provided on this listing is relevant to me professionalsin the sense that it helps and prepares on how one is supposed torespond in the healthcare setting when handling patients. It explainsthe manner in which such case should be handled to remain safe andkeep an accurate record on the Fentanyl use, within a given setting.This health alert listing exhibits the importance of epidemiology inidentifying health threats facing the public.


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