Gossip Girl and New York Outline

GossipGirl and New York Outline


  1. Gossip Girl presents a typical American drama in the class of teen drama, making it a good film for the analysis about New York.
  2. Relationship between Gossip Girl and New York is based on its cast, the plot and the storyline that resonates highly with the American city.
  1. The discussion seeks to prove that the type of New York presented by the filmmaker is different from the New York that I have discovered

II.The Body

  1. Plot Summary of the film Gossip Girl, will give the background of the drama and the intrigues that make it related to New York.
  2. The analysis section of the film will comprehensively explore the main aspects of the film that make it represent New York.
  3. Major Points: The following are the main points that will be explored in the paper about Gossip Girl as a representative of New York.
  1. The cast is composed of characters that represent New York as an expensive city and a place of the more privileged
  2. The Upper East Side setting and the general context of the Gossip Girl film shows the privileges that are enjoyed by the wealthy in New York
  3. Teenage life in New York is presented as a life where the rich do not just live in expensive places, but dominate the social and economic life.
  1. The Contrast: Contrary to the film maker’s “secret” New York, the perspective I have is different about the city. This is because of the following points
  1. New York has both a upper social life and a lower social life
  2. Unlike in the film, Gossip Girl, the New York I have discovered has also the privileged and rich people with social and economic challenges
  3. In the New York I know, the privileged and the unprivileged both face similar challenges, unlike in the film Gossip Girl where the privileged are living a high level life.

IV. Conclusion

  1. The film Gossip Girl presents an idea of New York that the privileged people, especially the teenagers have it all in life
  2. The discussion of the film is based on a keen exploration of the context of drama and the lifestyle of the main characters
  3. The type of New York presented by the filmmaker is different from the New York that I have discovered