Geography article analysis


PART 1: Article Analysis

Article1: Vietnam PM touts economic progress by Reuters [Economicgeography]

In 2015, the Vietnamese economy will be set to grow at the quickestrate since 2010. The main sectors that are driving this growth areexport, manufacturing and investment. This growth has beenfacilitated by the country’s forward economic reforms that continueto favor foreign businesses. According to official reports, thecountry’s direct investments could surpass the $58 billion mark,which the government had set in earlier fiscal plans. Whileaddressing the nation about the economic growth, the PM added thatthe country’s debt vulnerability was under control, and that theGDP was set to benefit from the decreased public debt.

Article2: Japan pledges $1.4 billion in development loans to Vietnam by LamYen, [Economic geography]

Vietnamand Japan are two of the Asian region’s most active economicpartners. Recently, the Vietnamese Prime Minister announced thatJapan was ready to provide the country with $1.4 billion worth ofloans, which it had promised earlier on. According to the reports,the loans will be used to clean up Ho Chi Min city and to develop itsmetro project. The rest will be used to develop other transportinfrastructure, agriculture, nuclear power and education sectors.Japan continues to be Vietnam’s biggest donor, with hundreds ofmillions of dollars being channeled every year. However, corruptionscandals threatened to bring the donations to a standstill a fewyears ago.

Article 3: Vietnam’s government is now officially on Facebook,by Thanh Nien News [Social geography]

Facebook is the world’s largest social media, connecting well over3 billion people. Many organizations and governments have takenadvantage of the platform’s virtual geographical cover tocommunicate with the masses. Recently, the Vietnamese government setup two official Facebook pages. This was announced by Vi Quang Da,the government director of online communications. The government setup the pages with the hopes of connecting the people and keeping themupdated on all government projects and plans for social, economic andpolitical development. Government officials are already using theplatform. For instance, the Vietnamese health minister was the firstto take questions about health information through the page.

Article4: Season’s coldest spell to hit Northern Vietnam, by Thanh NienNews, [Environmental geography]

November saw the Northern Vietnamese region hit with the coldestspell so far this winter season. According to the country’smeteorological department, the maximum temperature is set to drop toabout 18 degrees Celsius, reaching even lowers of 16 degrees Celsiusin the mountainous areas. However, the hardest hit areas will be SaPa in Lao Cai province, and Mau Son in Lang Son province. The coldspell is set to last up to the end of this year, or early next year.Despite the fact that there have been no reports linking this drasticdrops to global warming, other similar occurrences elsewhere aroundthe globe have linked the phenomena.

Article 5: Only 2 out of 22 Vietnam airports are making profits:Report [Economic geography]

Vietnam is home to one of the Asian region’s growing aviationmarkets. However, over the recent years, there have been reports thatthe country’s major airports are making losses. These airports arereported to be operating far below their required capacities, oftenincurring losses associated with opportunity costs. The country’saviation officials say that these airports are taking time to breakeven. While the government is putting plans in place to revive theaviation industry, global investors have been encouraged to put inmore efforts and help the country’ aviation industry to regain.

Article6: Australian, German tourists are the biggest spenders in Vietnam:Report by Thanh Nien News [Social geography]

The Vietnamese National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) released areport naming the biggest spending top visitors. According to thereport, the Australians are the leading foreign visitors in terms ofspending. This is supported by the fact that the number of tourismfrom Australia and Germany has been steadily increasing since 2010.Each tourist can spend up to $1677 per trip, with some overnightspending hitting the $1114 mark. Overall, the Vietnamese tourismsector has been instrumental in the growth of the country ‘s GDP,earning it about $11.37 billion. According to the government, thetourism sector has helped the country’s social and politicalenvironments to stabilize.

Part 2: Globalization


Globalization is characterized by progressive interaction betweenpeople across the world. The people interact in terms trade, sports,business and entertainment, often with the aim of developing social,economic and political relations. According to Rietzer &amp Dean(2015), globalization has taken center stage over the past fewdecades, with the realization that no single country or geographicalregion can survive without the other. While globalization creates anew platform for the development of markets and wealth, it haspromoted international consolidation and helped nations to solvetheir challenges. The articles reviewed in this paper eachdemonstrate the process and results of globalization in Vietnam fromdifferent perspectives.

In the first article, the results of globalization in Vietnam arepresented in economic perspective. Economic growth was one of themillennial development goals set by the UN at the turn of themillennium, as well as part of the sustainable development goals thatwere set by the global governance body in 2015. The growth of theeconomy of the country is a demonstration that the government isdedicated towards the social and economic wellbeing of the people,which are part of the global sustainable development goals.

The international corporation aspect of globalization is demonstratedin the second article. Countries across the globe are coming togetherto partner in trade and business, which are key aspects of economicgrowth. Japan and Vietnam have over time proven to embraceglobalization by continued trade and economic ties, which are evidentfrom the Japanese donations towards the infrastructure development ofVietnam.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in theworld. It has become an important aspect of globalization, as it hasbeen used to connect more than 2 billion people across the globe. TheVietnamese government has embraced the platform, and is now using itto communicate to the people. By doing so, the government has shownthat the Vietnamese people embrace global trends in communication andsocialization. Many other governments have embraced the same, whichhas helped people across the globe to connect better.

One of the major global issues in climate change. At the UN summit,governments pledged to address the issue. The first step towards thisis identifying the negative effects of global warming, andbacktracking on the process to identify the sources of thechallenges. The Vietnamese government, through the meteorologicaldepartment, has identified the negative impacts of global warming,and produced a report as outline in the 4th article. Usingthe statistics about cold spells and dropping temperatures across thenation, the country helps the international community in studying thephenomena and bringing it under control, which is a common globalinitiative.

The last two articles address globalization in Vietnam from twoperspectives, economy and socialization. Airports are the majortransport connection hubs across the world, as hundreds of millionsof people use them to travel from one country to another. The fiftharticle addresses the growth issue of airports in Vietnam, which haveto develop to global standards to promote international transport andtrade. The last article addresses tourism, which is a key activitypromoting socialization on a global level. The Vietnameseadministration for tourism, by identifying Australia and Germany askey tourist partners, promotes the interaction and socialization ofthe people from these countries, hence, promoting globalization.


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