Finding normal


is a scientific movie by Lou Beatty Jr andAndrew Bongirno. The movie is interesting since its main themerevolves around the discovering people’s lives. The film eliminatesthe people’s perception of believing in money than helping peoplein solving societal problems. The movie mostly sensitizes on making alife than a living. For instance, Lisa is devoted to helping people’slives in Normal than her ambitions of looking for money anddeveloping her career in Hampton. The film portrays how people arealways caught in their lives and ambitions (Cameron-Bure &ampWilkerson, 2014). Therefore, this makes people disregard the notionthat community service is part of a punishment. For instance, thoughit was part of her community service, Lisa finds interesting inhelping people in the Normal town.

The community service helped her to remove the perception of valuingmoney than people’s lives. The movie also illustrates how peoplevalue things that are more meaningful to them in life. For instance,Lisa did not mind about other things in life other than her medicalcareer that made her famous among the Normal occupants (Cameron-Bure&amp Wilkerson, 2014). However, the movie shows how human beings areunappreciative in nature through the parking fee saga that happenedto Lisa. Though she was among the devoted surgeon in the society,she was forced to pay for her parking tickets and the failure led herto a community services punishment. Hence, this depicts theassumptions that people make to the important people in the community(Cameron-Bure &amp Wilkerson, 2014).

People are supposed to treat important people with the dignity theydeserve rather than subjecting them to temptations that may lead themto punishments (Cameron-Bure &amp Wilkerson, 2014). The movieportrays the life of woman how finds a greater meaning in helpingother people in life. She is dedicated to saving people’s lives inNormal town even though other members of the society areunappreciative of his services. The movie is crucial for it showspeople the meaning of being helpful and focused in the community(Cameron-Bure &amp Wilkerson, 2014). The movie, through Lisa, showshow people find it interesting in helping other people in thecommunity than being concerned with monetary problems in life.Additionally, the movie explains how serving others is moremeaningful than fulfilling one’s ambitions. For example, in thefilm, Lisa was determined to rejoin her boyfriend in the Hampton, buther ambitions were cut short by the community service she wassubjected to Normal town. The community service triggered her changein mind given that she became dedicated to helping people’s livesthan joining her boyfriend in Hampton.

The movie is crucial in portraying the role of women in the society(Cameron-Bure &amp Wilkerson, 2014). Lisa becomes an integral memberof the Normal society through her community service project ofhealing people. Being a reputable surgeon, she practiced her careerin solving surgery problems among the Normal populace (Cameron-Bure &ampWilkerson, 2014). As a result, she becomes the people’s darlingsince most people explained their health problems to her. The moviealso shows how people can find life more meaningful even withstrangers. For instance, Lisa was taken to Normal cells where she wasunfamiliar with people. However, through her social skills andcharitable heart, she finds life so interesting in Normal town. Giventhat, she spent most of her time taking and healing the sick peoplein the community. Additionally, she finds life more interesting in aremote area given that she was free from the hustles and bustles ofthe city.


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