Financial Management for Nursing


I interviewed a senior manager in the finance and administrationdepartment in a public health facility. The interview centered on theimpacts of nurse staffing challenges on patient safety andsatisfaction. The manager acknowledged the fact that the ongoingstaffing issues have direct impact on safety in the health carefacilities. The manager noted that due to inadequate patient to nurseratios, more patients are likely to be poorly attended, more patientsdie, more are injured and there are higher incidences of hospitalinfection. The manager also stated that in the recent past, due topoor staffing in health care facilities, the current workers areoverwhelmed by the workload resulting into burn out. As a result, themanagement is dealing with increased cases of medical and medicationerrors, patient complication and preventable deaths in the facility.This has resulted into increased patient safety issues and lowsatisfaction. These challenges have resulted into increased rate ofemployee turnover, making a bad situation worse. The manageracknowledged the important role of medical facilities management indealing with the staffing challenges. The manager identified some ofthe innovative strategies the management has adopted to attract andretain more nursing personnel in the facility. This includesproviding adequate support and flexible working schedules for thenursing staff. Additionally, the manager identified the role of thegovernment through relevant departments in solving the nurse staffingchallenge. The manager gave an example of the governmentcollaborating with health care facilities, training institutions andthe government in nursing training to increase the supply of nursesin the job market. The interview changed my perception about thesignificance of staffing issues and patient safety on provision ofhealth care. After the interview, I realized that the problem is nottheoretical, but may be worse that what is captured in academicliteratures.


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