Factors Considered in Doctoral Research

FactorsConsidered in Doctoral Research

FactorsConsidered in Doctoral Research

Thestudent holds that time management is the most critical factor thatone needs to consider when conducting a doctoral research. This istrue because the ability of a student to manage time determines theircapacity to complete the project in time and cover all parts of agiven research project. According to Nadinloyi et al. (2013) timemanagement and student’s are positively related, which implies thata doctoral student increase chances of succeeding in a researchproject by managing time properly.

Moreover,the student highlights and discusses other factors (such ascontinuous research, maintaining contacts with DC network, andinvestigating various methodologies) as some of the additionalfactors to be considered when conducting research. I agree with thisnotion because a doctoral research paper requires extensive readingin order to identify knowledge gaps that have not been covered by theprevious studies. This is achieved by conducting an extensiveliterature review (Jones, 2013) and networking with other scholars.

Althoughthe student managed to identify some of the basic factors thatdoctoral students consider during the research, there is one criticalfactor that was omitted. Before considering any other factor, adoctoral student needs to engage in a process of selecting the righttopic (Luse, Mennecke &amp Townsend, 2012). This is because astudent may be a good time manager, but all this may be in vain ifthe topic selected have already been studied or is not relevant tothe respective field of study.


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