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Monday14thSeptember 2015

Aschool is an environment with different kind of students withdifferent behaviors. I encountered various scenarios during thisweek. Certain students encountered bullying and other kinds ofantisocial behaviors during the week. It is an ethical situation ofwhat should have been done in such a scenario. The pressure thatyoung people encounter is fierce. Research shows that people can becompelled in doing something that is not right others may opt to keepquiet. The trend was so much and, for this reason the school shouldmake an opening out is cases of dilemma a learning process to enablethe students to speak out. The guardians at home are also to make orlead the way to discourage bullying.

Theday was the school sport’s day the time that was set for theOlympics games was in the afternoon. It was an interclasscompetition my friend and I were suspended for raising our arms issupport of our friends that were in the other class as they ran. Thegestures were quite anti-Semitic and a little bit of hate speech,which prompt uproar between the two classes. The situation wasethical since we had to speak right and make gestures that will cheerour class athletes, but we wanted to support our friends too. Couldit be done secretly to avoid wrangles between the two classes?

Tuesday15thSeptember 2015

Duringthe day, my aunt being physician was in a dilemma, when she thoughtit was the right time to withdraw a life support and allow nature totake the course. The family of the dying patient together with thefamily insisted that she should do everything possible to the patientalive. My aunt had done everything possible, and she was quiteunclear of how she would solve the problem at the same time worryingabout doing something possible. It would cause the patient moresuffering and discomfort without any benefit at that time.

Employeesin the certain organization that my friend is one of them oftenworked in teams so that they can create marketing campaigns. One oftheir objectives during this day was to develop new products orpolish up services however, some of the team members seemedreluctant and did not contribute equally to the final product. Therewere only three of the members who did the polishing of the service,which at the end appeared outstanding therefore, they demandedcredit at the same time pointing out that the other two members didnot participate. It is an ethical situation since if the team singledout their coworker in a bad way, it would stimulate hatred. If allthe employee should be praised, there should be few selected andgiven specific tasks to assist in completing the project henceforthgiven the reward.

Wednesday16thOctober 2015

Iread one on the article during this week on issues on laboratories.The news concerned the scientist in which people do not think of thembeing brave in particular. However, their work sometimes leads to atough situation or dilemmas. Some scientists make the right callswhile others may not. In the article, the climate researcher saidthat the field he was involved in could no longer remain on thesidelines as detached spectators. The article further talks about howit may be difficult or surprising of how other scientists have foundit within themselves to speak out. The ethical situation may be thedilemma that prompted the researcher to act and speak that way.

Duringthe day I happen to visit a family member who was critically ill inthe hospital. I had gone to check on him, all the physiciansincluding the nurses and the doctors turned to me to make thedecision that was medically related on behalf of the patient. I didnot know which decision I would take given that I did not have anyguidance on what the condition or the decision was. On the otherhand, the family member seemed to be so sure that I should be the onemaking the decision. I was in a dilemma whether to disagree aboutwhat the patient would want or a suggestion that would be best forhim.

Thursday16 September 2015

Onthis date, my brother George told me of an experience at work whichhe never expected would ever be. He works in the claims department ofa major hospital. The situation occurred in the hospital where apatient was admitted, and the records required a change of medicalprescription. The record had admissions that showed that a traumaticmugging caused the change in medication. George was struck by thepatient’s surname, and upon checking the employment information, herealized that the patient was one his daughter’s teachers. Georgedaughter was very happy at school for a reason he could not goagainst the patient’s confidentiality by informing the school ofthe teacher’s mental illness. At the same time, George wasuncomfortable to entrust his 7-year daughter with a potentiallyunstable person.

Onthe same day, Brian a friend and a data analyst for a major casinonarrated a situation that got him during his normal activities ininformation access. Before the day breaks, that is after the businesshours Brian works to finish one essential project. However, herealizes that he is missing information sent to his co-worker Daniel.As they worked together Brian unintentionally observed Daniel typingthe password on several occasion he, therefore, decides to log in toDaniel`s computer so that he can resend the information to himself.Upon checking the email, Brian realizes that one message regards thegambling bets that Daniel placed with several local sports articles.It is typical for employees not to engage gambling to avoid hint thatbrings conflicts. Brian is in the dilemma whether to report to thecompany, on the other he had violated the company rule on informationtechnology by logging into Daniel’s computer, or how would he tellDaniel to stop betting, yet he has to proof where he got theinformation.