Akey software used in MRP is the E2 Shop System. This software hasbeen considered by many business operators as the leading shopmanagement system that exists in the market today. The software hashelped more than 5000 shops achieve more profits through taking themanagement of their shop floor (NTMA, 2012). The E2 Shop System isusually designed for machine shops, job shops and is made to makeorder to manufacturers who need assistance on the shop floor anddesire to keep using their QuickBooks. This software can be utilizedin handling different shop floor needs outlined below

AccurateQuoting: this software helps users in obtaining quotes out fast andaccurate. This is made possible since it is easy to view the pastestimates, which can be used as reference for the new quote. Thismeans that it is possible to email new quotes to a customerexceedingly fast.

OrderEntry: when using the E2 Shop Software, it is possible to turn thequote right into an order with just a click. The routing and bill ofmaterials come out automatically without the need of double clicking.

MaterialsManagement: the software assists users in setting re-order levels onmaterials or items that they do not want to run out of. This helps indirect purchase of materials or stock for the shop.

Scheduling:this software helps users in scheduling. When using this software, itis feasible to know where the bottlenecks are, which is critical inmaking adjustments to schedules prior to affecting customer duedates.

QualityControl: this software has the capacity of integrating qualitymanagement into its system, which aids in quality control such as thetracking of non-conformances and document control.

JobTracking/Costing: E2 system is considered as the only real timesystem which can automatically update job costing with labor as wellas material posted from shop floor.

E2emerges as the only shop management system that offers shop ownerstwo alternatives when it comes to the interface with QuickBooks(NTMA, 2012). The first is the real time alternative where all itemssync up automatically without any additional keystrokes. The otheralternative is that it allows users to review every item first priorto syncing up. Therefore, E2 system is given a priority over othershop management systems by users. The E2 Shop system has the abilityto handle job costing, quoting, scheduling, performance analysis,inventory, purchasing, shipping, bar and data collection, quality andcontract management (NTMA, 2012). A screen shot of the E2 shop systemsoftware is as indicated in the following illustration

Thecost of the software varies however, the products can be installedin a business at a starting price of $4,995, which is one-time cost.The product features of the E2 shop system and its uses can make mewillingly accept the use of the software. In case, I was to choose ashop management system, I would automatically go for the E2 shopsystem software. This is because of the advantages it is associatedwith first, when using the software, it can be easily integratedwith QuickBooks which is an added benefit because one does not needto quit using QuickBooks in case he was using. Furthermore, thesoftware has the ability of improving the profits this emanates fromits quality management use.


NTMA(2012). TheRecord.National Tooling and Machining Association, Vol. 33 (3).



EnvironmentalProtection Agency

Naturalcatastrophes such as earth quakes, tsunami, floods and droughts actsa reminder to the human kind that the earth is unpredictable and haspower to cause disasters of biblical proportions. The power of MotherNature and the effects of natural catastrophes are nothing if thehuman impacts on the environment are considered. There are severalplanetary boundaries that have been threatened by human activitieswhich will significantly affect the ability of the earth to supportlife (Cao &amp Orru, 2014). This realization has inspired me toconsider a career in environmental management and protection. Thereare several institutions, which include government agencies,nongovernmental organization and not for profit organizations thatare directly involved in environment protection and managementthrough research, policy development, advocacy and implementation. Inmy career path, the institution I am particular interested isEnvironmental Protection Agency.

Myinterest in environmental protection and policy development ismotivated by the environmental challenges that face the modern world.Due to increased human population, natural ecosystems have beendestroyed to create room for human settlement. This has led todeforestation, where forests are replaced by urban centers.Additionally, increased population has increased demand for foodresulting into intensive agriculture and clearing of more forests tocreate arable land. Rapid industrial development that has beenexperienced in the last one decade has had a huge impact on theenvironment. Due to industrialization, the world has become overdependent on fossil fuels. Use of fossil fields in energy productionhas resulted into greenhouse gases related air pollution problem.Other human development such as genetic modification of organismshave unknown long term impacts on the environment (Cao &amp Orru,2014).

Asa result of these human activities, the world is faced with anumerous problems. If the trend continues, the world may be unable tosupport life in the next century. Cases of extreme weather conditionsthat have become very common in the modern world have been attributedto human effects on the environment. Some of the greatest effects ofenvironmental pollution and degradation include global warming andclimate change, contamination of water systems, soil contamination,endangered wildlife species and natural wilderness, acid rain,melting of ice caps and glaciers as well as submerging of thecoastline (Cao &amp Orru, 2014).

Since1970s, there have been concerns about the effects of human activitieson the environment. Although environmental concerns were not asadvanced as in the modern times, the concerns about the differentforms of pollution and projected impacts on the environment led to aproposal for the creation of Environmental Protection Agency in 1970.In his wisdom, President Richard Nixon and his administrationpresented his proposal to the Congress with an aim of reorganizingand restructuring all the government agencies concerned with waterquality, hygiene and safety, air pollution, energy and otheragencies. The proposal was based on scientific finding that indicatedthat there was worrying levels of pollution in the environment sincethe end of the Second World War. Therefore, the proposed agency wouldbe tasked with researching on the direct and indirect effects ofenvironmental pollution, and establishing and enforcing standards toprotect the environment. The proposal by the president was approvedleading to the creation of Environmental protection agency (Collin,2006).

Since1970, the agency has had a huge influence on the establishment andimplementation of environmental policies and standards. For example,immediately after the agency became operational, it played animportant role in the enactment of the Clean Air Act of 1970. Thereare numerous legislations that have been enacted by the US Congress,which provides the agency with the legal framework of operation andregulatory powers. Today, the agency is one of the leadingenvironmental agencies in the world. The activities of the agencytowards sustainable human activity and environmental protection arebased on scientific and research evidence and findings. This meansthat science provides the bases of policies and decisions made by theagency on behalf of the United States government and its people. Someof the main activities include air quality, noise pollution andradiation emission activities leading to national programs, technicalsupport in policy development, development of national emission andradiations standards and training pollution control. Other programsinclude water and waste management programs, pesticide and toxicsubstances control programs and legal enforcement activities (Colli,2006)

Auniversity degree in environmental science or related course and postgraduate studies in the same discipline or public administration andpolicy or related course will provide me with prerequisite academiabackground to join a career in environmental protection. With thisbackground, I will be able to pursue different careers inenvironmental protection. For example, I can become a researcherwhere I can work as an environment expert in the EnvironmentProtection Agency. With basic training in policy and administration,I can also pursue career in policy and standards development,implementation and environment laws enforcement. AlthoughEnvironmental Protection Agency is my preference due to its influencein policy making and thus more influence in tackling the problem,other institutions and careers I would be interested in includesresearch organizations, environmental consultancy, nongovernmentaland intergovernmental organizations and other environmental advocategroups.


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Collin,R. (2006). TheEnvironmental Protection Agency: cleaning up America`s act.Westport, Conn.: Greenwood.