Essay statement



  1. How has your College/University experience made you a better student?

Threeand a half years in college have made me a better student on anacademic, personal, and professional level. All these spheres worktowards making me a better student. Considering that the academicsphere is the most essential, I will start with it. I have gainedextensive laboratory technique skills, college level oral and writtencommunication skills, research and statistical skills, and workingknowledge in courses relevant to my career aspirations. In additionto all of my biology courses, I have taken courses across allsubjects from communications to social sciences to humanities. Therehave been valuable lessons I have learned from these courses despitethem not being my major courses. This has further developed my skillsset and made me a well-rounded student.

Inorder to succeed in any aspect, organization skills, as well as timemanagement skills are paramount. This has made me develop effectivetime management and organizational skills. As a esult, I have managedto organize my documents, coursework, textbooks and other essentialnecessities at school perfectly. Every item and or document is alwayskept in its place so when I need it I know exactly where to find it.For example, whenever I need to study for an exam, all of my coursenotes and relevant assignments are easily accessible due to theirorganization. Effective time management is also essential to success.As a college student, I always have multiple upcoming assignments andexams with strict deadlines. Over the years, I have learned how toobserve all the deadlines by setting aside the appropriate time foreach assignment and to prioritize on them. It is worth stating thatthis a strategy that has seen me through my academic life whileobserving all deadlines.

Whereasit is critical to develop academically, it is worth stating that mycollege experience has developed my professional skills andcompetences. All of my diverse coursework has refined my ability tothink critically, analyze, and evaluate coursework and its real-lifeapplications. Through my internship and extra-curricular activities,I have learned the importance of taking the initiative to completetasks and to solve problems. My experience working with chartermembers and other nursing staff has ensured that I develop thecritical professional skills such as observing deadlines.

Thereis also the aspect of establishing relationships and friendshipswhich is an integral part of the social sphere of life, as well as myschool life (Gardneret al., 2013).I have managed to make numerous friends who are my classmates andothers who are my lecturers. The relationships and friendships that Ihave established have been essential in making me a better student incollege. It is worth noting that majority of my friends have been mygroup members whom we have assisted each other towards theachievement of our career dreams. My good relationship with thelecturers has ensured my success in various courses that I haveundertaken in the college. Additionally, I have also managed to learnvarious aspects relating to professionalism from my lecturers(Gardneret al., 2013).

Whilein college/university, I have experienced and watched my predecessorssucceed in their careers. It is essential to state that there havebeen sessions where former students have visited us at college forinspirational talks. These experiences have inspired me and assuredme that achievement of success in my course and career is possible.Meeting former students who are successful in their careersespecially in nursing reaffirmed my focus and enhanced myconcentration on my studies. This clearly made me a better student incollege.

Theabove acquired skills and competences are essential for theadvancement of my career in nursing. The academic knowledge that Ihave acquired will ensure that I possess the necessary skills topursue a career in nursing. Subsequently, the academic knowledge willensure that I acquire the relevant permits to practice nursing. Theacademic knowledge will also be essential in making me a successfulstudent hence a good student. The time that remains for me in collegewill be essential in ensuring that I gain additional personal,professional and academic skills.


Sevenyears ago, I had hardly possessed a thought past secondary education.Having come from a family of a low socioeconomic status, not many inmy family possess degrees in higher education. Considering that noneof my predecessors in the family had acquired degree education, itwould have been extremely difficult for me to proceed to the level.It is unimaginable that today I am a senior at Concordia Universitypreparing to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Science(Biology). I am the first person in my family to pursue advancededucation, and I have every intention to further my education.

Formy freshman year, I enrolled as a student at South Carolina StateUniversity in Orangeburg, SC. At this time, I held aspirations ofbecoming a Pharmacist. After my first year, I decided to transfer toan institution that was closer to my home. In my sophomore year, Ienrolled at Concordia University in River Forest, IL where I tookbiology as my major. Through my coursework, I have acquired a widearray of special skills and abilities. I possess excellent writtenand oral communication, as well as organizational skills. Theaccomplishments that I have achieved in my college education aresufficient proof that I am a persistent, goal oriented and selfdriven person.

Atthe fall semester of my junior year, I sought and obtained membershipinto Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In my chapter, I held theoffices of Vice President and Treasurer. The membership has been botha challenging and a rewarding responsibility. It continuously servesto be a tremendous learning experience for me as it strengthens mycore values to serve my community and develop my leadership skills.Furthermore, in my junior year, I was given the opportunity to speakwith PharmD students, as well as licensed Pharmacists. Through theseopportunities I have discovered that my expectations of Pharmacy werenot quite accurate. A career with a more direct role in patientservices, with an increased emphasis on preventative care, would bebest aligned with my aspirations to help the people of my communityto obtain optimal health. Thus, began my quest to find a careersuitable for me.

Inthe summer of 2015, I applied for a volunteer position at MacNealhospital.At MacNeal, I worked in the Mother and Baby department alongside avariety of healthcare professionals who specialized in the care ofprenatal women. Although it was a small position, it provided me withthe opportunity to work closely with and closely observe thesededicated individuals. This position would lead to an internship withMacNeal under the Nurse Director. During my time at MacNeal, I formedrelationships with many of the staff, and developed an overall deeperunderstanding and appreciation for the nursing practice. Theseexperiences with the staff members, of whom a majority were nurses,coupled with my extensive research of advanced practice nursing,inspired me to pursue nursing as a career.

Iaspire to a career in Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatalnursing and the Masters of Science in nursing degree will be thefirst step in this journey. I am deeply passionate about giving backto my community through providing services in a critical serviceshortage facilitytoindividualswith limited access to health care. Nursing is a well-roundedprofession that will give me the opportunity to administer directcare for patients, as well as educate them in various areas ofoptimal health. I am looking forward to a long and fulfilling careerin the nursing field.

Asa full-time college student, I make due on a student’s budget. Myemployment does not extend past two weekend days per week so that itwill not interfere with my coursework. It is still difficult togather the finances to pay for my necessities. Also, it is my senioryear and I am actively applying to graduate programs. Graduationfees, and graduate applications, plus travelling costs for interviewsare a bit expensive, adding more financial strain to my budget. Thisscholarship would benefit me greatly, since it would totallyalleviate the cost of my semester’s textbook. Receiving thisscholarship will give me the peace of mind to concentrate solely onmy graduation and application fees.


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