Eradication of Poverty in USA

Eradicationof Poverty in USA

Eradicationof Poverty in USA

Povertyis historically accepted in different parts of the world as aninvertible situation. It is caused by the fast growing populationmaking natural resources limited and scarce. However, collaborationof both the government and local people can help to end the cycle ofpoverty and begin a new cycle of progress. This paper focuses on thecauses of poverty and ways of kerbing the cycle of poverty andcreating a new state free of the poverty cycle.

Today,the government and local people are implementing various measures toreduce and eradicate poverty in the country. First, the government isencouraging more investment in the country by enhancing politicalstability in the state and creating a conducive environment forseveral businesses. Reducing the lengthy procedure of acquiringrights to operate a business is one way that attracts investors andbusinesspersons. For instance, under the proposed amendment inbusiness law it will only take two days, two legislative procedures,and only 300 $ to open a business unlike in the past where there werelengthy procedures to start up a business. Through this, moreemployment opportunities are created thus increasing the workingpopulation to a significant figure dependency ratio has alsodrastically reduced and thus encouraging more savings and investmentfrom the labour force hence, eradicating poverty (Office, 2009,p.45).

Povertyeradication also involves civilizing the living conditions of thepoor, chiefly by providing medical and education to them so as toimprove their living standards provide better lives. For instance,the government has created the Green Revolution whose primary aim isto eradicate disease plagues such as smallpox and through scientificresearches the outbreak disease has gradually decreased hence,reducing the levels of poverty (Birch, 2012, p.31).

Third,poverty can be eliminated through protection of the collectiverights, for instance, property rights. The state can implementproperty rights such as land rights land is a valued asset in ourmodern society. According to the World Bank, ‘the key to reducingpoverty is to implement land rights’ security of land and secureland transactions at low cost play a key role in eradicating poverty.This is because it give all people the chance to have the right toownership to an asset and therefore, reducing dependency ratio amongthe working population.

Criticalthinking related to the processes that I used to research on thispaper, the process was the SQ3R (survey, questioners, read, reread,review). It helped in gathering enough evidence to support myarguments from reliable sources, showing evidence in my thesis andpoints. Critical thinking principles are useful not only in researchpapers but can also be used when writing reports or proposals to showvalid and empirical evidence. To ensure that I continue to usecritical principles, I will put the four main principles in mind andalways put them into practice whenever I am writing any piece ofwriting.

Inconclusion, poverty eradication in USA has significantly beensuccessful however, economic constraints are the major causes ofpoverty in the state. To eradicate poverty completely the governmentneed to address major issues affecting the country’s economy suchas inflation, employment and stability of the state.


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