Environmental pollution in the state of Arizona


Environmentalpollution in the state of Arizona

5022S Power Road,


Phoenix,AZ 85212


Mr.and Mrs. Cody,

PhoenixResident Farmer,

3871S Gilbert Road,


Phoenix,AZ 85296,


DearMr. and Mrs. Cody,

Iwish to bring to your attention the total disregard that has beenshown by the local industry and the mining companies located in thestate of Arizona towards water and soil pollution. Although some ofthe stakeholders have blamed the government while others have heldthat respective companies are to blame, I wish to reiterate that thetwo sides are correct to the extent that both the government and thelocal industries have a role to play in protecting farmers.

Beingone of the most affected farmers in Phoenix, I believe you understandthat approaching the issue with the two groups divided on whom toblame for the water shortage and pollution will not lead to a viablesolution. To this end, I wish to request you to bring fathers andenvironmentalists together so that the two groups can concert theirefforts and increase their bargaining power. I believe that you arethe right person to unite the stakeholders, given your influence as alarge scale father and a renowned entrepreneur in the region.

Inmy view, the perspective held by farmers that the local industrieshave caused the shortage as well as pollution of water is correctsince they discharge pollutants without considering the possibleimpact of those pollutants to residents. Similarly, it is correct toargue that the government has failed to enforce environmentalprotection laws, which makes it liable to the challenges that farmersare facing. Therefore, it will be very easy for you to bring farmersand environmentalists together and make a successful litigation giventhat the two parties are addressing a common challenge, but fightingdifferent enemies.

Iam looking forward to see you take the necessary action to unitefarmers and environmentalists in order to ensure that they face thechallenge united. I am available for any kind of advice orinformation that you may require in this initiative. You may contactme via a phone number 541-756-3110.