Entitlement programs are immoral Unit


Entitlementprograms are immoral


Taxes are definitely used to fund benefit programs such as welfare,Medicare, and Medicaid among other government programs. These welfareprograms are targeted at providing essential services to the poor insociety in line with wealth redistribution. Wealth redistributionunder a capitalist system is driven by the moral duty to serve thepoor. From a utilitarian perspective, there is no distinction betweenkilling someone and letting someone die. Those who have the capacityto prevent death are morally obligated to do as failure to do soequate to actively killing. It is therefore the moral duty of thegovernment and the wealthy to assist the poor through welfareprograms from a utilitarian perspective. At the same time, theKantian view of justice requires that individuals make equalcontributions to governments for justice to be realized. Kantbelieved that for a welfare system that targets wealth redistributionto be morally right, it must be applicable universally. However, inthe case of taxation in the US and other developed worlds, taxationis not universally applied as taxation levels are graduated and insome cases some entities are entitled to tax exemption thereby makingthem immoral.

Similarly, entitlement programs are not universally applicable. Thereare stringent measures that seek to qualify entities into theseprograms thus locking out many other entities. At the same time,welfare programs are motivated by moral reasoning but they encourageimmorality. Many people are forced to cheat and seek alternativemeans to qualify for entitlement programs or even evade taxation. Furthermore, entitlement programs encourage people to abdicate theirmoral duty to participate in taxation to run government for mutualbenefit. When people organize themselves for collective purposes, anyperson who benefits or free rides on the collective good of thatemanates from the collective effort is morally wrong. Entitlementprograms thus encourage people to free ride and enjoy the effort ofothers who commit to taxation for the normative good of government.

Therefore, comparing these two arguments, it is easy to see thatentitlement programs are immoral. Alternative measures that seek tocreate equal opportunities should be applied to ensure that moraljustice is achieved more so for those how benefit from entitlementprograms.


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