English Assignment



Withrespect to my previous academic results, one of the major challengesI have faced that led to my recession from MSU is underperformance.During the recession period, I was able to improve my English skillsthrough a private tutor. This was to enable me have correctinterpretation of class assignments, respond correctly to questions,develop vocabulary applicable to specific subjects, presentassignments in grammatically acceptable sentences and clearlycommunicate my problems to my tutors. While in china, I also had aninternship in which I was able to practice my language skills byinteracting and communicating with others in English, participatingin field excursions and writing reports of each day of my internship.


Inorder to adapt and be at purr with others academically, I haveresolved to put in place plans that will enable me boost myperformance. Adopting an attitude which is positive is one way thatwill help me take care of the situation. This will trigger me to lovethe academic environment and always have the thought that I can dobetter than I did. Consulting with my advisors every week is anothertechnique which will help me present my problems to them and get ahint on which specific areas to major on before examinations. Activeparticipation in class will also assist me to understand the goalsand objectives of every lesson. Finally, I will review my study andlearning techniques to be that which will motivate me prepare a studytimetable that best fits my cognitive ability, improve my note takingskills, do my homework on time, attend every class on time andprepare me psychologically for examinations.