Employment and Payment of your MT`s

Employmentand Payment of your MT`s

TiffanyMedical Limited requires MTs who will be using transcribing gadgetswith handsets and base pedals to listen to physicians and otherhealth care personnel’s recordings dictating different medicalreports including diagnostic imaging studies, emergency room visits,chart reviews, operations and final summaries. In addition, the MTswill be expected to dictate reports, translate medical abbreviationsand jargons into their elaborative forms. They will also edit asexpected and return reports in electronic or printed form to thedictator for review and authentication or correction.

Requirementsfor employment

Educationand Experience

MTsmust have an associate’s degree in medical transcription. Inaddition, one must have certification for medical transcriptionprograms from American Health Information Management Association.

Atleast one year experience in the job will be required for potentialcandidates.


Applicantsmust have know how of clerical and administrative procedures as wellas systems including word processing, file management and records,transcription, stenography, designing forms and other officeprocedures.

Computerand electronics

MTsmust have solid knowledge in circuit boards, chips, processors,computer hardware and software such as applications and programming.


MTsmust exhibit mastery of the structure and content of the Englishdialect including meaning and spelling of words, guidelines ofcomposition and grammar.

Termsof Employment

MTswill be hired on hourly terms. This will allow the MT’s to have aflexible work schedule and also enable the company adjust tofluctuating and increasing job demands.

Remunerationand Benefits

Thepay per hour will range from $15.50 to $25.50.

Employeeswill also benefit from full medical cover including dental insurance.

Anyovertime will be compensated appropriately according to guidelinesprovided by the U.S Department of Labor.

Employeeswill also be awarded bonuses at the end of the year depending ontheir individual performance which will be accessed throughout theyear.