Effect of Internet on Communication

Effectof Internet on Communication

Communicationis the process of information conveyance. The process ofcommunication involves the sender, the recipient who the message isintended for and finally the message itself. Communication can bedone across wide extents in time and space. It demands that theparties involved in communication have a common forum to communicate.The process becomes complete once the recipient understands themessage. Giving feedback is also important in communicating.

Itis a privilege that today there are free services that can beaccessed by anyone online. These are the services that facilitatecommunication with anyone, anywhere. The society has however takentoo far the world of cyber. This is destroying interpersonalcommunication and contact. People use the internet as a forum toavoid interaction with others in all ways possible. As a result,face-to-face communication is dying slowly. This is taking away mostpeople’s real life.

Withthis mode of conveying information, there is a rise in cyberbullying. People have the freedom to express themselves in the mostinappropriate ways. They express hatred and post materials that canonly be deemed inappropriate. Children attempt suicides from the meancomments across networks and personal attacks. This is a majorproblem among the young people. There is no decency in ways ofcommunication.

Theinternet leads to rudeness in children. This has affectedparent-child relationships even with teachers. By accessing theinternet from a very early age, the morals in children depreciate.This is because they tend to act exactly the way inappropriate videosand articles online direct them. There can never be goodcommunication with rudeness. Class performance is affected in thesense that children cannot use correct language to expressthemselves. They tend to copy almost anything even those that harmtheir language development.


Theconcept of social media and the internet is only effective whenproperly used. The dark side of it also exists as well. This darkside comes about when the wrong sites are accessed. The effect ismore adverse in children still at the formative stages of life.Adults can also be victims of the inappropriateness on the internet.This calls for everyone to have control over what they do on theinternet to maintain good communication.


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