Dreams to be a Pilot


Dreamsto be a Pilot

WhyI want to be a Pilot

Ibelieve every person wants a job that fits their personality and alsotheir demeanor. Since my elementary school, I discovered certaintraits about me that make me feel being a pilot is not just the bestjob for me, but also the only job I am sure I can perform to the bestof my ability. Firstly, I have a penchant for mechanics,mathematics, and aeronautics. As young as five years old, I alwayscarried different plane toys in my bag. I still have a book that hasmy drawings of planes painted with the colors of our national flag. Ihave been fascinated by aviation technology since my sixth grade. Iremember asking my physics teacher if it is possible to have flyingcars. He told me it is possible. I guess my teacher’s response wasto inspire me to believe in my imaginations. I felt his pat on myback, and most importantly, his words. With his hoarse voice, hesaid,

“Youhave great potential grow up to be a pilot or a great engineer”

Ibelieve I am a responsible person. In my perspective, a responsibleperson takes everything they do very seriously. The meticulousnessand precision with which they handle issues should extend to alltheir facets of life. I also believe that professionalresponsibility is a product of habits of being responsible. A pilothas to be very responsible, due to the fact that, in a typicalcommercial fight, they have an average of two hundred people onboard. The lives of passengers are usually in their hands. I pilotmust also be an enduring person. Enduring people usually have astrong sense of responsibility. It takes a responsible and enduringperson to go through the many hours that pilots go through duringtraining before they take up the job.

Ihave a stable temperament. I handle issues with sobriety. I workbest under pressure. Perhaps, I should use an example so that I donot sound like I am blowing my own trumpet. My young brother and Ifaced a dangerous test of our time. While visiting the AfricanSavanna in Kenya, a leopard sneaked into an open air barbecue area. It was groaning loud and walking fast towards us. We had heardstories about leopards before. We knew they are very unforgiving. Itold my brother to remain calm and look down. The game ranger onduty had told us that leopards hate eye contact with humans. It wasa tense moment, but I held my breath as I tried to keep myapprehensive brother calm. I knew he could scream anytime, but myefforts worked.A few minutes later, another game ranger, who was alsolooking for us, showed up. He whisked the leopard away and stoppedits rage towards us. Since then, I knew I can handle apprehensivesituations. That is a quality all pilots need. I believe I can be agreat pilot.

Mycareer goals

Mycareer goals are not terms of ascendancy in terms of status, but inthe scope of gaining great flying skills, throughout my career untilI achieve perfection. I have always felt and thought that flyingwill be safer if all pilots achieved flyingperfection. I considerflying a science as well as an art where experience brings the bestout of someone. Hence, I intend to approach it as a science thatneeds utmost precision and knowledge to apply, and an art that needscreativity and innovation as the means to reach perfection. I amsure pilots for reputable airlines such as Fed Ex need pilots thathave such a career attitude.


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