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Dr.Sylvia Earle: The Case for Protecting the Sea


The speech “The Case for Protecting the Sea” by Dr. Earle tellsthe story of the destruction of the oceans and the marine ecosystemand what should be done. She notes that world oceans have witnessedmore destruction in the last 50 years than they have faced in thelast 1000 years or so. This means that the situation is dire and thetime to act is now.

Ideally, Dr. Earle draws her views from years of research as anoceanographer. She is shocked that not much attention is given toocean exploration compared to space exploration. This is in spite ofthe fact that the oceans’ literally sustain life on earth. She evensays that without the oceans, earth is just similar to Mars, hencecannot support life. However, recent discoveries have hinted thatMars may have water. Amidst all these, she notes that the oceanssupply the majority of the oxygen needed by human beings and at thesame time stores the majority of the carbon dioxide emitted. Carbondioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases that cause climatechange. Given its significance, then the world should be investingmore in preservation of the oceans.

Furthermore, some practices that harm the oceans and the environmentin general should be abandoned completely. From my studies and fromthe general mass media, I agree with the doctor that some practicessuch as trawling should be done away with simply because they destroythe oceans. Sustainable fishing methods that ensure the globalecosystem can support itself in the long term. I thus support herwish to create global awareness through all means available toenlighten people about the eminent danger that life on earth facesunless appropriate measures are taken to reverse the situation. Theseactions should be implemented now and everyone should be involved inthe best way possible.

Dr. Earle is well qualified and experienced for the world to take herclaims seriously. While she mentions her research work inenvironmental conservation and her contributions towards the same inher speech, a simple search on the internet reveals that the doctoris a respected figure in environmental conservation matters. Sheholds a Ph.D. in psychology and has won numerous awards inenvironmental conservation. Her journey in oceanography started in1966 after completing her Ph. D and working as the resident directorof the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory in Florida. Her attempts to jointhe Tektite research project were earlier rejected despite herimmense experience in research. She later joined the program to leadan all-female team in deep sea exploration. She set the female recordfor deep sea diving in 1979. She was also involved in development ofthe open deep ocean dive suit and has been involved in charityfunding for development of deep sea submersibles. In recognition ofsuch contributions, she has been honored as member of the NationalWomen`s Hall of Fame, UN Champions of the Earth Award, and a TEDPrize among many more.

I believe the woman has become so passionate about the sea andenvironmental conversation after witnessing ocean destructionfirsthand in her research. She has also interacted with the whalesand dolphins in the deep seas and watched their numbers decline overthe years.


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