Dominant Perspective in Managing Resources


DominantPerspective in Managing Resources

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Inmanaging the natural resource the United States, the country shouldhave a dominant perspective for directing and promoting themanagement of the environment. This is because the dominantperspective will create a sense of unison and concerted efforts inthe management of the country’s vast natural resources. While manypeople may argue a dominant perspective will limit the peopleinvolves, I think such a perspective will bring the differentstakeholders together. Such a dominant perspective will lead tounison between the American Indian environmental values and thevalues of the dominant American culture.

Thereshould have a dominant perspective to create order in the managementof the natural resources I the United States. This will solve thechallenge of unorganized efforts that create disorder in the veryorganization that should work orderly. The lack of order is createdbecause of the different values that relate to caring for MotherNature. For example, there are AmericanIndian tribes, who view nature differently from the values adopted byU.S. Latinos toward nature (Hitchcock,2002). These still differ from the white American perspective. Thissituation necessitates the need to have a dominant perspective thatwill organize all the values towards a common front in the country.

Moreover,there should have a dominant perspective, which will create a richerperspective of caring for natural resources. This is because theperspective will compose of the various values. For instance, theNative American Indians apply their philosophies and culture to notonly care for the natural resources, but also respect nature (Aiken,2001). Having dominant perspective will therefore take these valuablevalues and join them in a national ideology of caring and managingnatural resources.


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