Dissertation Prospectus


Thisdissertation prospectus has indeed been a milestone towards theaccomplishment of the program. For proper development of theprospectus, I have put several actions in place.

  1. Literature to Review

Inthis section, the research problems that have been defined willautomatically lead to review of literature. Through review ofliterature, the strands to gather shall be brought to form a newconversation concerning the subject. The strategy employed will beorganic and it will entail discussion of literature throughout thearguments. Empirical evidence shall be invoked to aid in the researchprocess.

  1. Conceptual Framework

Motivationaltheories form significant part of the work but still I will seek toexpound on the study topic. I intend to have more in-depth studies onthe content motivational theories that will focus on the needs andgoals of person (Grunig, Grunig and Dozier, 2002).

  1. Theoritical Framework

Havinga solid theoretical framework for this study is essential andadoption of systems theory will definitely add value to the work. Thetheory often is considered to be significant in the areas of publicrelations as it adds to thoughts concerning relationships.

  1. Methodology

Whencarrying out the methodology, I will use the analytical surveydesign. Through the analytical surveys the study will adequatelyexplore and explain the reason for existence of the phenomena understudy.

  1. Research Instruments

Samplingwill form the core part of the research instrument and the main typewill be the simple random technique. Given that data that I amexpected to use is large, taking a representative of the populationand generalizing the findings will do.

  1. New Articles to Research

Giventhat I have to increase the purview of my research, I intend to havean exploration into three more peer-reviewed journals. This willinform the in-depth research that this work calls for. Some of thearticles under consideration are outlined in the reference section.

  1. Reaching out Friends

Iwill also reach out friends and find out some of the research thatthey have done in this area of study. This will entail going throughsome of the dissertations that have been published and presented inthis area of study.


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