Disseminating Evidence



Disseminationof information is among the key strategies used in the field ofnursing to enhance awareness about a given issue. In the presentcase, the dissemination of results about the effectiveness of ahospital-nursing schools partnership in reducing the nurse-patientratio will be will help the stakeholder make informed decisions inthe future management of the nursing human resource (Harmasworth,2001). The dissemination will also target members of the entirenursing community who need to understand current trends in theirprofessional.

Disseminatingproject results to the stakeholders

Thefindings will be disseminated to the stakeholders (such as membersfrom the department of human resources, executive officers, andemployees, and nurse leaders) through the hospital’s newsletter.The results will be published in the newsletter twice, which meansthat the entire process of disseminating to the stakeholders willtake about two months. Newsletter is recognized as one of thecritical tools that help organizations communicate directly with itsstakeholders, thus showing them regard (Smith, 2014). Thestakeholders will be requested to drop their comments and feedback tothe hospitals suggestions boxes in order to assess the effectivenessthe effectiveness of the newsletter in disseminating results.

Disseminatingto the nursing community

Thenursing community includes all people working within the field ofnursing, irrespective of whether they play administrative roles orinteract directly with patients. The results will be disseminated tothe nursing community by publishing them in popular nursing journals,especially those that are published off-line and online, such as the“Online Journal of Issues in Nursing”. Online publications willbe accessible to members of the nursing community across the globe(Greenhalgh, 2014).


Thefindings of a given project may fail to make an impact if they arenot disseminated to the relevant bodies. The results of ahospital-nursing schools partnership should be disseminated tointernal stakeholders through a newsletter and to the nursingcommunity via journals published online.


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