Discussion – Week 2 Humanity Telling Stories through Art


Discussion- Week 2 Humanity Telling Stories through Art

Theprimary narrative technique used by Kingston is the talk story, whichis a Chinese ancient oral narrative tradition. The talk storynarrative technique incorporates cautionary pronouncement and familytales (Ludwig &amp Alexoae-Zagni, 2014). Kingston uses thisnarrative technique to demonstrate the significance of the Chinesefemale heritage to her identity as a whole. The heritage mixes groupsidentity and individual identity for instance in her book she states“I am nothing but who ‘I’ am in relation to other people”(Nelson, 2000. 151). As a narrator, Kingston uses talk storytechnique which appears to give multiple version of the same accountby using the first and third person with a different point of view(Levande, 2015).. The intentions are to emphasize a series of likelyinterpretation. At best her narrative can be described as a mixedpostmodern genre because of her thematic goals and multiplicity.

Thenarrative technique used by Kingston is effective because it allowsher to interweave oral and fictional traditions of narratives tosubvert and fracture both white American authority and Chinesepatriarchal. She attains this by disseminating, interrogating anddecentering authority. In addition, employing the first personnarration seems like an effective strategy that allows her toreconstruct her experiences and tactfully retell her mother’sversion of the story and also transform the Chinese stories to fither Chinese-American identity. Furthermore, I found the narrativetechnique useful in that she was able to interweave dream-likerecollection, folk tales and legends with a linear sequence of actualreality events (Ziarkowska, 2013). For instance, the Chinese legendof the girl who trained to become a woman warrior is compared to thememories she has about Berkeley for the period of the Vietnamconflict (Abrams, 2013).


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