Discussion Defining Art and Composition of Art


DiscussionDefining Art and Composition of Art

DiscussionDefining Art and Composition of Art

Painting:Painting refers to the act of applying paint or pigment to a surfaceusing a brush, sponge, airbrushes among other methods. The surface isreferred to as a base. In art, painting refers to both the act ofpainting and the product of the act.

Sculpture:A sculpture is a three dimension art. Sculptures are products ofcalving (removing materials), casting, modeling (adding material) orconstruction. Materials used in sculpture include metal, ceramic,wood, or stone.

Architecture:Generally architecture refers to physical structures such asbuildings. In art, architecture describes the designing ofstructures, planning, construction, styles and knowledge.

Literature:literature refers to all forms of written production. Literature canhave artistic values, intellectual value or both. Literature can befiction or nonfiction. Due to advancement in technology, literatureincludes written literature, electronic literature and verballiterature.

Drama:Drama is a representation of a fictional narrative in a performance.The drama is performed by actors in a theatre in front of anaudience. Traditionally, drama can be a comedy or a tragedy.

Music:Music is a form of art made up of sounds and silence in a particularrhythm. Music as an art is made by altering the basic elements ofmusic which includes rhythm, pitch, dynamics and sonic. Dance:Dance is a performance art composed of coordinated and synchronizedbody movement. Dance has both aesthetic value and symbolic value,mainly specific to a particular culture. Videoart:Video art is a form of art that combines motion pictures and audiosound. Basically, it is an audio visual art. It includes televisionfilm arts.

Photography:Photography is the art of creating images by using light orradiations. Photography is both an art and a science.

Stilllife composition

Thereare four items in the painting, a plastic wrapper, tootsie pop,marble and a toy duck. The dominant colors in the painting are yellowand orange. This is the main similarity between the four items. Thewhite background enables the audience to focus on the objects.However, the painting is not attached to a specific location. Thepainting ignored other objects in the background. The objects signifychildlike fun activities. Probably, the artist selected these objectsto signify pleasure, future potentials or past memories of fun.


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