Dining Experience




Diningrepresents an essential service requiring the coordination ofnumerous service employees such as servers, cashiers, and host staff.Success in the restaurant business requires sound management skillsin running the day to day operations. The management should fostergood customer relationships and dining experience to bring customersback. This essay discusses the element to concentrate on to enhancethe dining experience of clients and promote customer loyalty.

Regardlessof the meal, I think customer service is the most significant part ofthe dining experience that keeps customers coming back. What mattersto the client most is the service he/she receives. The services givenby the restaurant workers can bring customers back. Servers, waiters,and cashiers should address customers warmly so as to make them feelwelcome and at home. They should treat customers with respect andmake them feel appreciated by responding to their needs promptly. Iresponded this way because I believe in customer service as thestrongest marketing tool, especially in the hospitality industry.People buy from where they feel valued regardless of the price. As aclient, I consciously or subconsciously go back to the places that Iam warmly welcomed and feel valued. To improve the odds of my clientsreturning, I would concentrate on ensuring good customer service.Training of the restaurant employees on proper customer relationswould equip them with the skills to handle the customers properly.

Inconclusion, the dining experience determines if the customers willreturn to the restaurant or not. Excellent customer service ensuresthat the clients enjoy their meals. Welcoming the customer andmeeting the needs of the customer promptly and respectfully is themost important element of customer service that brings backcustomers. Therefore, restaurants should focus on improving thedining experiences of customers by establishing good customerservices. Therefore, the customer gets satisfaction and developsloyalty leading to the success of the business.