Dining Experience at Hong Kong Restaurant

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DiningExperience at HongKong Restaurant

TheHong Kong Restaurant is a Chinese Sichuan restaurant locatedat 315 S Homer StLansing,MI 48912. The restaurant offers a variety of authentic andAmericanized Chinese foods. The restaurant can hold approximately 100people at a go in its 20 tables. There were around 10 employees whointeracted with the customers by taking their orders and bringing thefood. They also helped them to make orders and clarified any queries.

Therestaurant is owned by three business partners. Two of the partnersserve as the restaurant chefs while the other one supervises andmanages the staff. The three partners purchased the restaurant andremodeled it though kept the restaurant’s previous name despite thefact that the restaurant provides food from Sichuan region not HongKong. The manager Rita Hsu leads by example. Occasionally, I saw herhelp people to order food rather than send a subordinate.Additionally, she seemed to delegate tasks by giving directions tothe servers on the tables that needed help.

Therestaurant menu is written in both Chinese and English so as to helpthe customers in understanding the different types of authenticChinese dishes. The menu has many traditional Chinese foods whileothers have been slightly modified to fit the American style. Themenu also specifies whether the food is spicy and hot or warm withthe hot and spicy foods being marked. Additionally, the menu alsoincorporates some pictures more so for the least popular dishes so asto help customers as well as market all dishes. According to themenu, a15% tip is mandatory for the tables with more than five people.

TheSichuan cuisine offered in the restaurant is spicy and full offlavor. The chefs are from Sichuan region, making the Hong Kongrestaurant the most authentic in Chinese cuisines. The food is servedin courses. Clients can choose to start with appetizers beforeproceeding to the main course meal. The restaurant offers buffet forthe customers willing to take a variety of foods. The entrée menu mainly contains spicy sauce and some beef, pork or lamb chunks. Themain meals on the menu are huge and overwhelming with severaluncommon dishes. Finally, there are several refreshments andbeverages in the menu.

Therestaurant is painted red on the outside with grey roofingdistinguishing from the neighborhood to be Chinese. There is ampleclean parking all around the restaurant. The restrooms are also ingood conditions and very hygienic. However, a nearby garage sometimesbecomes a source of noise. . The restaurant atmosphere is livelywith a sweet smell of delicious food and a touch of Chinese culture.The theme and ambiance in the restaurant were that of Chineseculture. The décor was dated with the tacky red exterior. The insidewas a combination of cream and red with a few portraits portrayingthe Chinese culture on the wall. A sweet smell of delicious foodrocks the atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Thecustomer service in Hong Kong restaurant is exceptional. Therestaurant personnel are polite and welcoming which made me feelappreciated. However, slight delays have been experienced beforebeing served. These delays could be because of the large number ofstudents from MSU who order from the main menu. The managementshould, therefore, employ more workers to improve on this.Additionally, the 15% mandatory tip for tables with more than fivepeople is too high and may discourage people who cannot afford.

Thedining experience at Hong Kong hotel is one that I would definitelyrecommend to friends and relatives. The restaurant offers a varietyof, fresh, spicy and delicious foods that ensure an exemplary diningexperience. In addition, the customer service is professional innature and great making customers feel at home. The prices are alsopocket-friendly between $15 to $20. However, the wait time is around15 to 20 minutes. A little improvement of the management would reducethe wait times for customers in a hurry. Apart from this, the HongKong restaurant is definitely a place to visit. I am sure to returnsoon to enjoy.