Department Stores at the Mall of America

DepartmentStores at the Mall of America

Themall of America stands as one of the largest mall across the world.The mall is located in the eastern side of Bloomington, Minnesota.Having been in operation since 11thAugust 1992, more than five hundred stores, and restaurants as wellvarious tourist attractions have been established. It is important tonote that the mall has a 7-acre park, widely known as the NickelodeonUniverse Park.

Someof the major stores in this mall include the furniture stores,clothing stores, electronics stores, home appliances stores, sportsstore among many others. It is important to note that some of thesemajor stores usually very independent retailers while others act asmajor or even part of a long retail chain. At the Mall of America,these department stores are managed in such a manner that consumerscan easily check out just at the counters of each and everydepartment or at the front of the respective store.

Itis important to note that department stores in the mall of Americaare arranged in 4 different levels. In the first level is located atthe underground, and houses several department stores that deals withconsumer goods and services such as the famous Hard Rock Café, AppleStore (dealing with consumer electronics as well as computers), andalso the LEGO that deals in plastic bricks. The second level housesrestaurants, Verizon destination store, and also different memorymoments. The third level houses different eateries, mini-golf, andthe famous Bubba Gump Shrimp. The final level houses differententertainment joints. However, most of these department stores arelocated in the first and the second level as they tend to attractmany consumers.