Defying the Force of Gravity

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Defyingthe Force of Gravity

Thegravitational force attracts all objects of mass towards the earth.It draws people, water, seas, the universe, and all the other bodiestowards the center of the earth. Various experiments have beenconducted to expound on the force of gravity. All in all, thestrength of gravity is considered common knowledge with everybodybelieving that it exists and cannot be defied no matter what.However, there are some questionable instances and places where theforce of gravity is thought not to exist. This paper discussescircumstances when the universal force of gravity is considered notto exist and the accompanying scientific rationale for suchsituations.

Thereare many places with a gravity hill, magic hill mystery spot ormystery hill where water is alleged to flow upwards and a car leftout of gear roll uphill (Inglis-Arkell). These places get dismissedby scientists as an optical illusion resulting from the layout of thesurrounding land to make a downhill appear as an upward slope(Inglis-Arkell). However, most scientists have not provided solidproof on their explanations of optical illusion. However, their fixedminds that the force of gravity make them dismiss such places andavoid further investigations to ascertain the truth of the matter.Therefore, they offer the excuse of an optical illusion to preventfurther scrutiny.

AnAnti-gravity Hill in Straws Lane, Woodend is an unusual bafflingplace that has been kept secret for long (Mountmacedon). When aperson stands at the bottom of the hill facing upwards on the hill’sdirection, he/she has disqualified the idea of the hill being anoptical illusion more so since you can see up to the horizon. Theroad seems like any other uphill terrain without a doubt. However,pouring water presents a pretty good surprise. The water flows uphilland not downhill as gravity would force it. A ball placed on the roadalso rolls upward (Mountmacedon). Also, a car placed in the neutraldrive slowly rolls up the hill. Running uphill also feels like goingdownhill with no strain.

Differentpeople have come up with explanations for this phenomenon. Some citethat there exists a magnetic force that pull the objects uphill(Mountmacedon). Since the phenomenon gets noticed near hills, somepeople argue that the hill behind has magnetic forces that draw theobjects towards it (Inglis-Arkell). The other spark off ghost storiesthat Civil War soldiers and spectral children try to roll cannonsinto position (Mountmacedon). All these claims have no concretescientific proof of the defiance of the force of gravity.

Tounderstand the phenomena, some scientists tried to prove it with anexperiment. They created a fake landscape to establish glitches inhuman perception (Inglis-Arkell). Researchers at the University ofPadova and University of Pavia discovered that it is relatively easyfor people to see the views as uphill rather than downhill.Physicists at the University of Bath found a way to make the water,climb upward using rough surfaces where the drops of water flowuphill of their force as gravity force aren’t strong enough to pullthem over the rough surfaces (Inglis-Arkell).

Inconclusion, the phenomena of antigravity Hill is a controversy inphysics. Some scientists trying to demonstrate that water can flowuphill while others prove that it is as a result of a visualillusion. Most people who visit some of these anti-gravity hillsleave without any doubt that the hill defies the force of gravity.Therefore, it is hard to convince them using a visual illusion. Theycan just wait for concrete proof. For now, people will just enjoywatching water zip uphill in the mysterious hills.


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