Decision Making for International Students

DecisionMaking for International Students

DecisionMaking for International Students

Thereis anguish among international students at my university. It isbecause of the recent decision made by the head of the university toisolate the head of international students. The actions of the headof the university irritated the international students. Consequently,the head of the university called the international students for aconference meeting. The students were hopeful that the head of theuniversity would answer all their questions regarding the issue(Everard, &amp Morris, 2004).

Thefailure to respond to the student’s questions during the conferenceadded into the student’s disappointment. Specifically, theinternational students got angry from the fact that they were neverinvolved in the decision making to isolate the foreign student’smanager. In my opinion, it is indeed a big disappointment whenstudents irrationally loose an essential link to the administration.The administration should learn how to decentralize criticaldecisions that affect the students. It was necessary for the head ofthe university to consult the international students before theisolation of their leader. Besides, it is important for the managerto provide answers to the questions from the students, the failure todo so erode the confidence of the students with the management(Everard, &amp Morris, 2004).

Theinternational manager serves as a link between the students and theuniversity. He provides information to the students and in returncommunicates the needs of the students to the administration. It isnecessary for the head of the university to realize that there is ahigh possibility of personal relationships between the students andthe manager. Subsequently, it is essential for the school to involvethe students in the decision-making process that include roles thataffect the students. The isolation of the international students’manager was an indication of insensitiveness of the head of theuniversity to the international students (Everard, &amp Morris,2004).


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