Deadline and the Middle East Politics

Deadlineand the Middle East Politics


Deadlineand the Middle East Politics

TheMiddle East territorial states have been under assault for centuriesfollowing the different political system in the region. The Islamicintellectuals and politicians have abolished the Western Imperialismfor the Islamic community that has close religious ties that quitediffer from those in the Western. The movie Deadline utilizes theaspect of the Western civilization and the Middle Eastern culture todepict the political volatility in the region. The fictional actbrings to the light the radical political and cultural revoltsspanning in the Arab world.

Thepolitical revolutions in the Middle East get instigated by thepolitical and the religious differences hence the resultingIntercultural and regional biases. The vacuum between theintellectuals and the ambitious political leaders have had the regiontorn apart and against the Western doctrines. Through the use of thejournalist in quest of information, the movie Deadline depicts theimpacts of the Middle East region. The starring cynical journalist,Christopher Walken is used to unearth the inhuman politicalactivities that are carried out in the Middle East. The cynicaljournalist uncovers murder plots and massacre plans in the Lebanonregion (Guttman1987). The interview with the imposter of thePalestine Liberation Organization leader shows the impact of thevolatile environment in the Middle East region. Communication hindersthe peace development in the region following the lack of a commonway of passing information for the diverse communities.

Additionally,the role of a journalist investigator suits the witness purpose ofuncovering the political activities in the Middle East. Through thehelp of the movie Deadline, the film is used to showcase thePalestinian militant work and the radical activities by the rebels inthe region. According to Kamalipour (1997) the Middle East strugglefor the political self-reliance and national liberation are exploredby the movie Deadline. The relation between the journalist and adoctor who aids the rebel group is used to depict the challengesfaced by the volatile region (Kamalipour, 1997).

Theexhibition of the film content is excellent regarding the depictionof the volatile environment of the Islamic cultured religion. The useof journalist and doctor combination depicts a selection ofcreativity. The movie gets cast at the time the Palestinian region ofthe Middle East has a revolution of the political affluence and theintellectual growth. The volatility of the political struggle such asthe Sabra and Shatila massacre by the militia depicts the harshconditions in the war-torn region at the period. Additionally, thekidnapping of the Reporter Don Stevens proves the situation in theregion at the period of his exploration as a journalist as volatileand dangerous. The film clearly defines the events involved in thepolitical games among the Middle East region.

Theuse of the journalism profession in unearthing the illegal politicalactivities and the volatility of the Palestinians in the hands of theIsraelis depicts creativity. According to the Guttman film, the focuson the Middle East militia financing activities among otheractivities such as the bombing of the Phalangists headquarters in themovie is some of the evidence that it clearly shows the status of thepolitical and cultural influence (Guttman, 1987). The failure of thePalestinian families to free themselves from the exploitation by theIsraelis is clear explanations of the situation on the ground in themovie hence the summary of the diverse problems facing the culturalcommunities.

Inconclusion, despite the fiction in the movie such as the Lebanoniangeography, the movie is a sufficient source for the volatilepolitical environment in the Middle East. The movie’s use of thespecific activities during the time such as the massacre operationsand the use of wrong information for the public support depict theactual lifestyle in the terrorist-prone region. The religious andcultural differences get depicted in the film, hence a source worthof the political influence in the region.


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