Cybercrime Annotated Bibliography


CybercrimeAnnotated Bibliography


Graham,James, Richard Howard, and Ryan Olson. CyberSecurity Essentials.Boca Raton, FL: Auerbach Publications, 2011. Print.

Thisbook provides an insight on the trends and expound on the key issuesfacing cyber security and threats. Among other things, the bookcovers the methods used by attackers, and the motivation behind theiractions. It also covers the malicious codes techniques, exploitationtrends and other aspects impacting negatively on cyber security. Itlinks the attempts to protect the information system resources fromthreats and planned attacks. This source provide an updated aspect ofcyber security and emerging trends in information systems. Therefore,it would be helpful in this research because it provide the latestparadigm in information system and the cyber security field. The bookalso advise on the best way to advance in cyber security andinformation system development for career development. The book willbe of much assistance in this research because it provide acomprehensive dimension of the field of cyber security, informationsystem and career growth.

Choo,K. K. R. (2011). The cyber threat landscape: Challenges and futureresearch directions. Computers&amp Security,30(8),719-731.

Thissource is a journal article and have a broad explanation of the newtrends in cyber security. The article start by giving the everchanging field of information system and the vulnerable areas tocyber threats. The author further explain the factors that contributeto cyber threats both financial and criminal motives. The paperborrows much from routine activity theory in explaining how thesethreats can be reduced and increase the information system function.The possibility of an attack on personal and confidential informationwithin the information system is thoroughly addressed. This source isvery relevant in the research because it addresses all the relevantmatters in regard to career goals in information system andcomputing. It further enable information sharing and reduction inexcess attacks on information systems. The source is credible becauseit have received a number of reviews from other professionals incyber security profession.

Greitzer,F. L., Moore, A. P., Cappelli, D. M., Andrews, D. H., Carroll, L., &ampHull, T. D. (2008). Combating the insider cyber threat. Security&amp Privacy, IEEE,6(1),61-64.

Perhapsthe most relevant source is this particular one. The source descriedthe attacks on the national security of the United States departmentby foreigners and the American citizens. This article describe theopportunities in cyber security for public and private sector. Assuch, it is a relevant field that would provide unlimitedopportunities for massive career development. A review of the leadingcyber security threats have been identified with former employees andcontractor identified as the worst groups. Hackers, crackers andmalicious attack on information systems have been identified as theother risk categories. The article have expounded on the measuresthat can be taken in order to mitigate the effects of cyber-attacksand mechanism to protect information systems. The source will helpthe research in identifying the opportunities of cyber security andalso the relevancy of securing information systems. The article is acredible source and is relevant in the current times.

Lewis,J. A. (2002). Assessingthe risks of cyber terrorism, cyber war and other cyber threats.Washington, DC: Center for Strategic &amp International Studies.

Thebook provide a broad analysis of the effects of cybercrime to thesecurity of the citizens and the world peace. Terrorism is a leadingthreat to the United States and its allies and as such the aspect ofcyber security is as relevant. The book teaches professionals on theimportance of securing information since information leaks can leadto unfathomed consequences. Various ways through which informationsystems can be vulnerable to attacks have been covered. Further, thesource prove that cyber security is a necessity and can provideunlimited opportunities in the future. Various example wherecompromised information systems have been compromised have been citedand the repercussion addressed. As a result, there is a willingnessby various authorities to enforce information system security, hence,opportunities to develop career-wise. The book is relevant and itsinsights are up-to date, thus representing the current situation inthe practice.

Cavelty,M. D. (2007). Cyber-securityand threat politics: US efforts to secure the information age.Routledge.

Inthis era, information have become a treasure for all organization. Somuch resources have been spend in securing information from illegalor accidental access by outside parties. Therefore, the governmenthave enacted laws and regulation protecting individuals andorganizations from information attacks. The book reviews the variouslaws that have been enacted to protect information from also identify various cases about cyber-attacks that havebeen settled through legal mechanism. The book acts as an educationtool for those who wish to pursue careers in cyber-attacks,information systems and computing. The book have been revised toinclude minor changes that have been amended in laws. The book isupdated, relevant and educative to professional who wish to developin their careers. It will help in this research by identifying thevarious cyber-attacks, vulnerable points and appropriate measure thatneed to be taken to protect information.

Dutta,A., &amp McCrohan, K. (2002). Management’s role in informationsecurity in a cyber economy. CaliforniaManagement Review,45(1),67-87.

Thisarticle will be resourceful in this research because it gives therole of management in information system security. The authoridentify management as the party with the greatest responsibilitywhen it comes in protecting the assets of an organization.Information have been identified as the greatest resource and needsecurity due to its vulnerability and mobility. Information have beenalso described as the source of competitive advantage fororganization and competitors would be constantly seeking to haveaccess to that power. Management have to put measures in place inorder to provide security to information systems from cyber-crimes.The article will help in career development by advising on therelevant resources that have to be protected by management. Thesource is important in the research although it only rest allresponsibility to management in information system security.