Artfrom time to time is followed by culture. There being different formsof art is an indication of the presence of different cultures beingpresent in the world. They range from the Egyptian pyramids to thecave writings to sculpture building. The following is a summary ofhow cultural changes have shifted the views of America.

Howdoes art reflect the culture of its era?

Artis the creativity of the mind which can be expressed in various waysranging from paintings to sculptures. It’s a source of pride ameans of communication, reflection, beauty, and appreciation ofwhat’s happening. As the ancient arts were viewed in the caves, thedrawings revealed what the people of those days experienced, whatthey did in their daily lives among others. All this could betranslated from the paintings. This confirms that a picture is wortha thousand words. There are different cultures present in Americathe difference in these cultures is visible in that some would drawpaintings while others did carvings. All these are meant to passalong messages from one generation to another as some cultures havebeen in existent for a long time. (Silla,2013)

Whatimage of America was communicated by the innovations and buildingspresented at 1883 Chicago world fair?

TheChicago world fair brought into light what the people were hoping forAmerica which constituted of the modern city, Chicago city which thenthey called ‘white city.` The perspective of ideal city contributedto the molding of the modern American city for there are slightdifferences between the real and the ideal cities. The innovationsincluded a well-connected mode of transportation within the towns,the arrangement of buildings in the city among others. (Silla,2013)

Howwas this image communicated?

Basedfrom the architects who built the ideal cities, some artists drew thedrawings of the future cities which have come to be with time. Thecities were drawn by order you could see how the buildings wereplanned and the passageways that made it look orderly. The picturesalso showed what were to be the daily activities of the modern citieswhich included alleys with people in them. (Doss,2002)

Whywas the art produced by the Aschan School different from that ofGilded Age?

AschanSchool rejected skillfully finished drawings and outward appearanceof people and things. Their art was a subject matter to thedeveloping world it displayed what was happening in the real worldthat was catching up with them sooner than was expected. These wasdifferent compared with the Gilded age in that they focused more onthe interior designs their art was detailed in that it focused moreon the outlook, how to position light, how a library would look likeamong others. Gilded Age techniques were later used to design streetlights that up to today they are used. (Silla,2013)

Whatchanges in culture were artists reacting?

Artis a means of communication to the various changes or occurrenceshappening around the environment. Hence, the artists sought new formsof realism to describe the changes that were going on in urbanlife(Doss,2002)

.The art was to be rooted in the windy day to day reality of the city,which was the painting true to live art.

Whatis the relationship between art and culture?

Artis a passion that is a product of high creativity for it involves thecreation of objects, images, and other visual arts. Culture is asocially transmitted behavior pattern that is passed from onegeneration to another. Culture explains some of the behaviorsexperienced by humans that range from the mode of dressing to thetype of diet different people follow. The arts discovered in thecaves, and also the carvings of the early man showed that they werehunters and gatherers for the drawings on the cave walls displayedtheir daily activities. Art there, therefore, can be termed as thebank of culture for it`s from this art that information andreferencing of culture is got from.

Explainwith at least two examples to illustrate the relationship between artand American culture?

TheAmerican culture that’s familiar to the Texas County is the cowboyhut, these have been the trend for many years. Texas county wasinvolved in the cow rearing with most even up to date are still doingso. The huts mostly were meant for the men who would graze thelivestock riding on the back of their horses. This culture is alsopracticed up to date. It’s also in the American culture tocelebrate their independence that they do on July 4thevery year. (Doss,2002)


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