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Thebiography does not give vital information such as educationbackground, place of birth and beliefs(Ambrosius, (Ed.) 2004).The text only focuses on his ownership of VirginCompany rather than his personal and professional life. The biographyis more like a summary of Richard Branson’s ownership othercompany. To make the biography more relevant, the writer would haveatleastsaidhow Mr. Branson started and how he has grown to be the billionaire heis now. More researchis needed to assist the writertocome up with a biography that is more interesting to the reader andeducative.

BethComstock, CMO at General Electric

Thebiography isreliedmajorly on interviews that the Beth Comstock wasinvolved in.Itdoes not give her story but rather paraphrases her statement. At somepoint, the writer says Beth Comstock “sounds like…”. This tellsthat the writergave their opinion onthe subject rather than the trueher story. The text also does not givepersonal information such as place of birth, education background,and her achievements (Heilbrun,&amp Politt, 2008).To improve on the biography, the writer would have included theinformation suggestedinthis response and give the story of Beth Comstock rather than howthey appeared during interviews.


Thewritergives their opinion of Denis Muilenbergrather than the facts. This is evident when the writer says,” Heseems a charismatic leader…” In doing this,the writershows that theirstory about the subject is not founded by factsbut their perspective of the person. However, the writer atleastgives basic information about the subject such as educationbackground and their home locality (Davies,Phoenix, &amp Taylor, 2012).The recommendation is that the writeruses facts rather than their views onthe subjectin writing the story of Dennis Muilenberg.


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