Critical analysis



Criticalanalysis: stage two

Peoplehave seized living to fulfill their purpose in life. They are livingto fulfill their personal ambitions so that their happiness may befull. Unfortunately, this is against God’s will since He createdevery human being with a purpose to fulfill in the world. People werecreated to offer solution to a particular social need in the society.The film “finding normal” by Richard Dyer is trying to addressthis point considering the film’s plot. Lisa one of the filmprotagonists said “I think I caught a glimpse of the way my lifeshould be, the way God wants my life to be. He tried to show me but Iwasn’t paying attention” (Dyer, 2010). Her main focus was hermarriage or her personal life such that she cares no more aboutothers including the law. This is the real situation in the worldtoday people are living for themselves and do not care about others.

Realizingthe purpose one was created for, is the best thing in life and tendsto make one’s life normal. People tend to prioritize their personalambitions to a point offorgetting the essentiality of slowing down,reaching out and helping others or being a part of the community. Inother words, people only value things which are giving them meaning.Although she was a self-crucial surgeon, she was reminded that shewas supposed to pay for parking tickets. Since she is self-fulfilledsurgeon money is not a problem but money had taken a significant partof her life. Apparently, this is the condition taking place in peoplelife and which has facilitated increase numerous vices in the worldtoday (Cameron-Bure&amp Wilkerson, 2014). It is, evident that “findingnormal” is portraying a woman who ends up finding her life’sgreater meaning in learning to care about people around her. it isonly through realization of personal purpose one will findself-fulfillment in their lives.


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